how to expand all rows in excel 2013

How to Expand All Rows in Excel 2013

Many of the formatting changes that you can use in Excel are visible on one of the tabs in the navigational ribbon. Occasionally these tools will have options that specifically apply to an entire worksheet, but many only apply to the current selection. So if you need to know how to expand all of your … Read more

view the median formula

How to Calculate Median in Excel 2013

Learning how to calculate a median in Excel 2013 is similar to learning how to perform most other mathematical functions within the program, such as subtracting in Excel. If you are new to using formulas in Excel, then this article can be helpful. Excel uses a formula that takes the values in a range of … Read more

see print layout in excel 2013

How to Use Print View – Excel 2013

Working with data in Microsoft Excel can have an extra element of difficulty when printing is involved. Often it can make things a bit easier when you can see how the worksheet will look when it prints. You can switch to Print View in Microsoft Excel 2013 by going to the View tab, then clicking … Read more

trim a digit from a number in excel 2013

How to Remove Last Digit in Excel 2013

The Microsoft Office spreadsheet application, Microsoft Excel, offers a lot of ways that you can manipulate the values within the cells of your spreadsheets. For example, if I have a sample file of data where I want to reduce how many characters there are in a cell or range of cells, then I can use … Read more

click the color you want to use

How to Change Font Color in Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel shares a lot of options and styling capabilities with other Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint. While these applications all have different purposes, you can perform many of the same tasks. One such task involves changing the font color of numbers or letters that you have included in your … Read more