How to Subtract in Excel 2013 with a Formula

Microsoft Excel can do more than just store and sort data. You can also compare data and use mathematical functions. This means it’s possible to learn how to subtract in Excel 2013. Learning how to subtract in Excel 2013 with a formula will provide you with the gateway into the world of Excel formulas. There […]

How to Remove the First Character from a Cell in Excel 2013

Excel formulas present you with a number of options for editing your data. But there is one less commonly used formula that allows you to remove the first character from a cell in Excel. A lot of data that you encounter will not be formatted the way that you need it. Whether a colleague likes to […]

How to Use a Percentage Formula in Excel 2013

Excel is a great tool for performing mathematical operations on data that you have entered into your cells. These operations typically occur with the help of a formula, such as this subtraction formula. One of the operations that you can perform on your data is to calculate a percentage of one cell value compared to […]

How to Combine Three Columns Into One in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 makes it possible for you to automatically generate and combine data that you have already entered into your spreadsheet. One way that you can do this is the CONCATENATE formula, which allows you to combine three columns into one in Excel. This is a powerful Excel tool to know, as it can help […]

How to Print Each Worksheet of an Excel 2013 Workbook on One Page

When you have an Excel workbook with a lot of individual worksheets, you might need to print all of those sheets at once, and you may want them each to fit on one page. Microsoft Excel is a great program for managing your data, but it can be a frustrating application when you need to […]

How to Convert MM to Inches in Excel 2013

Converting units of measurement is a necessary evil for a lot of people in a wide variety of fields. Use these steps to convert millimeters to inches in Excel 2013. Open your spreadsheet. Click inside the cell where you want to display inches. Type the formula =CONVERT(XX, “mm”, “in”) but replace “XX” with the cell […]

How to Name Columns in Excel 2013

Putting descriptions for columns at the top of your spreadsheet is a great way to label your data and make it easier to understand. This is such a common practice that Excel actually gives a name to it, which is the “title row.” You can even choose to freeze that title row if you would […]

How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel 2013

A pie chart can be a helpful visual aid for displaying values in relation to one another. You may be able to tell relatively how large a number is in comparison to other values in a spreadsheet, but the ability to see each piece of data as an individual “slide” of a pie can be […]

How to Insert an Arrow in Excel 2013

If you want to subtract in Excel, there’s a formula that can help you do it. The same goes for other common mathematical operations, as well as some advanced calculations that let you do things like combine data from multiple cells. But sometimes you need to do something in Excel that doesn’t involve math or […]

How to Calculate Age from a Birthdate in Excel 2013

Excel has a lot of tools that can help you calculate values based on data that you’ve entered. You’ve probably had to add up values in Excel before, or maybe even calculate an average, but there is even more that you can do with numerical values that you have entered into a spreadsheet. One other […]