trim a digit from a number in excel 2013

How to Remove Last Digit in Excel 2013

The Microsoft Office spreadsheet application, Microsoft Excel, offers a lot of ways that you can manipulate the values within the cells of your spreadsheets. For example, if I have a sample file of data where I want to reduce how many characters there are in a cell or range of cells, then I can use … Read more

click the color you want to use

How to Change Font Color in Excel 2013

Microsoft Excel shares a lot of options and styling capabilities with other Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint. While these applications all have different purposes, you can perform many of the same tasks. One such task involves changing the font color of numbers or letters that you have included in your … Read more

how to create a new worksheet in excel 2013

How to Insert a New Worksheet in Excel 2013

Taking advantage of the ability to have multiple sheet tabs in Microsoft Excel is a great way to keep similar types of data organized. For example, if you have a report that you create monthly then you might have a separate worksheet tab for each month. This makes sharing information much simpler, as you only … Read more

how to change the width of multiple columns in excel 2013

How to Change the Width of Multiple Columns in Excel 2013

Getting the size of your cells right is something that can be surprisingly tricky, depending on your needs. While you can approximate the column width or row height by dragging the borders or even autofit column widths by double-clicking one of those borders, you may want to select column widths to meet some specific requirements. … Read more

how to make a pie chart in excel 2013

How to Make a Pie Chart in Excel 2013

Placing your data into cells in Excel provides you with ways that you can compare and interact with your data. Typically this will involve various sorting options and formulas, but you can also create charts and graphs, if necessary. You can even learn how to make a pie chart in Excel 2013 if you have … Read more