how to remove the first character from a cell in excel 2013

How to Remove First Character in Excel 2013 Cell

Microsoft Excel includes a lot of tools that can help you quickly manage your data. Some of these are things that you might be using already, while others either require the use of formulas or lesser-known tools that are a little tougher to find. Our tutorial below for removing the beginning characters in an Excel … Read more

how to combine three columns into one in Excel 2013

How to Combine Three Columns Into One in Excel

It’s often a good idea to separate as much information as possible in Microsoft Excel. Depending on what you are going to be using that data for, it’s very possible that you will need to sort data by only one string of information, and having it split into different cells makes that much easier to … Read more

how to display a zero instead of #n/a in excel 2013 vlookup formula

How to Display a “0” Instead of #N/A When Using VLOOKUP in Excel 2013

The VLOOKUP formula in Microsoft Excel is one of the most efficient ways to find data in spreadsheets. Along with the concatenate formula, I have found it to be one of the more useful tools in Excel. It can save an incredible amount of time when compared to manually searching for cell data, and has … Read more