click clear, then formats

How to Clear All Cell Formatting in Excel 2011

The cells in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet can have som many different formats applied to them that you could spend several minutes trying to get rid of all of them individually. This is not only frustrating and time-consuming, it’s also prone to error. Our tutorial below will show you how to clear all cell formatting … Read more

how to insert hyperlink excel 2011 for mac

How to Insert a Hyperlink in Excel 2011 for Mac

Excel spreadsheets have a lot of potential applications, and some of those applications involve the integration of other programs on your computer. Once such program is your Web browser. For example, the format of your spreadsheet might dictate that you include a cell with a link to a particular Web page. But rather than type … Read more

how to switch to landscape orientation in excel 2011

How to Switch To Landscape Orientation in Excel 2011

There are several reasons why you might want to switch to landscape orientation in Excel 2011, but most of them will have something to do with printing. Excel is notoriously difficult to print without a significant amount of settings adjustments, and many spreadsheets simply fit better on the page in landscape orientation. If you are … Read more