How to Insert a Hyperlink in Excel 2011 for Mac

Excel spreadsheets have a lot of potential applications, and some of those applications involve the integration of other programs on your computer. Once such program is your Web browser. For example, the format of your spreadsheet might dictate that you include a cell with a link to a particular Web page. But rather than type […]

How to Lock a Picture to a Cell in Excel 2011

Occasionally you will need to add a picture to a spreadsheet, or someone will send you a spreadsheet with pictures in it. But if you need to move a row or column that contains pictures, you will probably run into a problem where the data in the row or column moves, but the pictures do […]

How to Clear All Cell Formatting in Excel 2011

Cell formatting can be a problem when you need data to display in a certain fashion in your Microsoft Excel worksheet. There are many ways to change the formatting of a cell, but if you have received a spreadsheet from another person, then finding each of the options that they have modified can be frustrating. […]

How to Hide Zero Values in Excel for Mac 2011

Excel spreadsheets can often be customized to meet your specific needs, so if you need to know how to hide zero values in Excel for Mac 2011, you will be able to adjust your settings to do so. Excel spreadsheet views can be customized in other ways as well, such as if you wanted to […]

How to Switch To Landscape Orientation in Excel 2011

There are several reasons why you might want to switch to landscape orientation in Excel 2011, but most of them will have something to do with printing. Excel is notoriously difficult to print without a significant amount of settings adjustments, and many spreadsheets simply fit better on the page in landscape orientation. If you are […]

How to Add Up a Column in Excel 2011

Excel 2011 is a great choice when you need to sort and organize data. But it can do much more than that, including giving you the option of performing mathematical functions on your data. So if you have a column of data containing numbers that you want to add together, you can use a formula […]

How to Insert a Header in Excel 2011

Excel spreadsheets are great for organizing data on a computer. You can sort your data into easily manageable rows and columns, and you can even use formulas to perform mathematical operations on that data. But Excel can be a little difficult to work with when you need to print out your spreadsheets, and it can […]

How to Freeze the Top Row in Excel 2011

Spreadsheets with a lot of data, especially spreadsheets that deal with sales or reporting data, can have a lot of similar columns. They also tend to have many rows on data, usually enough that you will need to scroll down to see everything. This presents an unfortunate problem, as you can find yourself scrolling back […]

How to Protect a Workbook in Excel 2011

When you are creating a workbook in Excel 2011 that you plan to share with other people, it may be important that people not be able to change the names of the worksheets contained within the workbook. One simple way to do this is by protecting the workbook. This requires anyone that wants to edit […]

How to Make a Header Row in Excel 2011

Organization is a very important component in Microsoft Excel, but the majority of it is focused upon how your spreadsheets appear on the screen. If you are worried about keeping a printed spreadsheet organized, then you need to take some additional steps so that it is simpler to read. One helpful way to do this […]