How to Set the Print Area in Excel 2011

Occasionally you may find yourself working with a very large spreadsheet that you need to print. We have previously written about how to fit that sheet to one page in Excel 2011, but that isn’t always practical when you are dealing with a lot of data. But you can take advantage of a feature that allows you to set a print area in Excel 2011 so that only part of a spreadshet is printed, as opposed to the entire thing.


Set the Print Area in Excel 2011 for Mac

Note that this is something that you will need to set and clear if you decide that you want to print the entire spreadsheet, or a different part of the spreadsheet later.


Step 1: Open the spreadsheet in Excel 2011.


Step 2: Use your mouse or trackpad to highlight the section of the spreadsheet that you want to set as the print area.

select the cells that you want to print



Step 3: Click the File tab at the top of the window.

click the file option at the top of the screen



Step 4: Scroll down to the Print Area option, then select the Set Print Area option.

how to set the print area in excel 2011



Now when you go to print your spreadsheet, you will see that only the area that you just selected is displayed on the Quick Preview area of the Print menu.



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