How to Disable Raid Invitations in Pokemon Go on an iPhone

The Pokemon Go friend feature provides you with a way to trade, battle, and send gifts with your friends. But it also allows you to invite people to raids. However, if you don’t raid, or find that you are receiving too many of these invitations, then you may be wondering how to disable raid invitations […]

How to Enable Restricted Mode in the iPhone YouTube App

Mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad are able to access most of the same apps and features found on computers. If you have a child that has one of these devices, and that child often watches content on YouTube, then you might be curious about how to enable or disable Restricted Mode in […]

How to Create a Battle Party in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go will automatically select a team that you can use when you are taking part in a raid battle or a trainer battle. But these teams aren’t always the best ones that you could use, so you may be wondering how to create a Pokemon Go battle party so that you can pick a […]

How to Center a Layer in Photoshop CS5

There are many adjustments that you can make to an image in Photoshop. Some of these adjustments need to be done manually, while others can be performed automatically. One such formatting choice involves centering a layer on your canvas. While you can manually drag layer objects to the center, you might be looking for a […]

How to Clear YouTube Search History in the iPhone App

YouTube’s popularity has created an environment where you can find and watch a huge amount of videos spanning a wide range of topics. But you might find that you need to delete your YouTube search history if it is negatively impacting your experience with the app. Much like its search engine, Google’s YouTube service provides […]

How to Rename a Playlist in Spotify on an iPhone

When you create a playlist in the Spotify app on your iPhone you are able to give that playlist a name. But the name could become outdated or incorrect, and you might decide that it’s time to change a playlist name on Spotify to make it more descriptive. Giving a descriptive name to a playlist […]

How to Stop Playing an Artist in Spotify on an iPhone

There are a handful of different ways that you can discover new music from various artists in the Spotify app. You can listen to different playlists or stations and hear a wide range of music. But you may be wondering how to stop playing an artist in Spotify on your iPhone if you don’t want […]

How to Delete Contacts on an iPhone 7 – 6 Methods

When you find that your contact list has expanded significantly and it includes a lot of people that you aren’t in touch with anymore, then you may decide that it’s time to learn how to do delete contacts on your iPhone. The contacts on your iPhone can get there in a number of different ways. […]

How to Enable Javascript on an iPhone 7

If you’ve been experiencing a problem browsing websites, then it might be because Javascript in Safari is disabled. Some people will adjust settings on their browser when they are troubleshooting or experiencing problems, and disabling Javascript in Safari is something you might do. But much like you were able to turn it off, you can […]

How to Disable Today View on the iPad Home Screen

Your iPad can display a number of widgets that provide information about the weather, news, and more. This may be showing up on your Home screen, in a section called “Today View.” But if you don’t need or want it there then you might be wondering how to disable Today view on your iPad. The […]