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How to Change Your Bluetooth Name on an iPhone

When you connect a Bluetooth device to another one, then both of those Bluetooth devices can have a name displayed on the other device. This helps to ensure that you are connecting to the correct device. But you may want to know how to change the Bluetooth name on an iPhone if you find the … Read more

how to disable voice control on an iPhone 11

How to Turn Off Voice Control on an iPhone 11

Many devices are starting to give their users options for performing certain actions by simply speaking into the device. As this feature becomes more streamlined it can be very useful, especially on a mobile phone. Your iPhone has a voice assistant called Siri that can help you to perform certain actions with your voice. But … Read more

how to turn off notifications from apple news

How to Turn Off Apple News Notifications on an iPhone

Most of the apps on your iPhone, whether they were downloaded or there by default, have some type of notification system. Some apps use notifications a lot, while others restrict their notifications to critical information. The News app can send you a lot of notifications, so you may be wondering how to disable notifications from … Read more