how to make playlist public spotify iphone

How Do You Make Your Spotify Playlist Public on iPhone?

The steps in this article will show you how to make a Spotify playlist public through the Spotify app on your iPhone. We cover these steps briefly at the top of this article, then continue below with additional information, including pictures for each of the steps. If you have a playlist that you’ve spent a lot of time perfecting, then … Read more

tap the lock button

How to Enable or Disable Auto Rotation – iPhone 5

Screens and devices that have a widescreen aspect ratio can often be used in either horizontal or vertical viewing mode. These modes are referred to as landscape and portrait orientation, respectively. Some types of content are easier to view or read when you are in landscape mode, while others are easier in portrait. Your iPhone … Read more

turn off the badge app icon

What are App Icon Badges on the iPhone 6?

If you’ve explored the notification settings on your iPhone, or if you’ve noticed a red circle with white numbers in it, then you may be wondering what a badge app icon is on an iPhone. Badge app icons are a type of iPhone notification that you have probably seen on your iPhone at one time or … Read more

Tap the "Delete Account" button

How to Delete Email Account on iPhone 5

Receiving and sending emails from an iPhone has become so commonplace that many people will use it as their primary means of email communication. Since email has been around for so long, and since it’s so easy to have additional email accounts for work, school, or other organizations, you may find yourself with a lot … Read more

how to turn portrait orientation lock on or off on an iPhone

How to Rotate Screen on iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus allow you to switch the screen orientation between portrait and landscape. Not all of the apps on the device support both of these orientations, but many do, allowing you to view your content in the manner that you prefer. But if your screen isn’t rotating and you … Read more

how to delete apps on an iPad

How to Delete Apps off iPad 6th Generation

Many of the different services and businesses that you use every day have their own apps. Some of these apps let you make purchases or complete orders, others provide additional information, and many will improve your experience. But you can quickly wind up with too many apps on your iPad, meaning that it’s time to … Read more

How to View Alexa Shopping List on iPhone

Amazon Alexa is a very diverse feature, and many of the things that you can use it for are also found on other similar voice controls like Siri. One of these items involves adding items to lists. As you would expect with an online retailer like Amazon, one of the default lists involves items that … Read more

5 Reasons Why iPhone Battery Drains So Fast

If you rely heavily on your iPhone to manage your schedule, assist with work, or entertain yourself throughout the day then you might have it turned on for multiple hours each day. But too much iPhone usage can cause the battery to drain too quickly, leaving you with a dead battery near the end of … Read more