how to empty iPhone 13 trash

How to Empty Trash on iPhone 13

Your iPhone can be home to a lot of different types of files, whether they are media files like pictures or videos, or other things like documents or emails. The iPhone also has a limited amount of storage space, which can leave you looking for ways to remove files and increase your available storage space. … Read more

how to increase iPhone 13 screen timeout duration

How to Make iPhone 13 Screen Stay on Longer

Striking the right balance between utility and battery management is something that smartphone owners have struggled with for a while. It’s often useful to keep your screen on when you haven’t touched it for a while, but extended usage of the display can drain your battery. Fortunately, you can make your iPhone 13 screen stay … Read more

how to switch from lte to 3g on iphone 7

How to Change 3G to LTE on an iPhone 7 (and vice versa)

Aside from being able to switch between cellular and Wi-Fi network connections on your iPhone, you can also make some adjustments to control the types of cellular networks to which you connect. Usually, your iPhone will pick the strongest one by default, but there are situations where you might want to try connecting to the … Read more

where is smiley face key on iphone

How to Get Smiley Face on iPhone Keyboard

Emojis have become a very normalized part of text-based communication. You’ve probably even received emoji text messages or emails from friends, family, and coworkers. But if you haven’t taken steps yet to start using emojis on your iPhone then you might need to complete the steps in this guide to get the smiley face on … Read more

What Does VPN Stand for on the iPhone 11?

As you explore your iPhone and change your settings, you will occasionally encounter a setting or an option with which you aren’t familiar. This could be something where the setting itself isn’t very descriptive, or maybe a little ambiguous, but you might also find options that include terms you don’t know. One such setting can … Read more