How to Clear Cookies on iPhone 11

Sometimes you will need to clear website data and history on your iPhone 11, which includes cookies that have been saved by websites. Use these steps to clear cookies on iPhone 11. Open Settings. Select Safari. Touch the Clear History and Website Data button. Tap Clear History and Data to confirm. Our article continues below […]

How to View History on Safari on iPhone 11

Often when people are concerned about the browsing history on their phone, they are interested in deleting it. However, that history can be useful. Use these steps to view your history in Safari on an iPhone 11. Open Safari. Touch the book icon at the bottom of the screen. Tap the clock icon to view […]

How to Turn Off the Auto Rotate iPhone Setting

Your iPhone screen can switch between portrait and landscape orientation based on how you are holding it. Use these steps to turn off the auto rotate iPhone setting. Swipe down from the top-right of the screen. Touch the Portrait Orientation Lock button to turn it on. Our guide continues below with additional information and pictures […]

How to Add Another Email to an iPhone 11

It’s very common for people to have more than one email account that they use regularly. Use these steps to add another email account to your iPhone 11. Open the Settings app. Choose the Passwords & Accounts option. Touch the Add Account button. Select the type of account to add. Enter your email address and […]

How to Stop Prime Video from Downloading the Next Episode on an iPhone

The Amazon Prime Video app on your iPhone makes it easy for you to stream content if you are a Prime member. Use these steps to stop Prime from automatically downloading the next TV show episode on your iPhone. Open the Prime Video app. Choose the My Stuff tab. Touch the gear icon. Select the […]

How to Enable the LED Light iPhone Notification

Your iPhone can alert you to new notifications in a number of ways. Use these steps to turn on the LED light iPhone notification. Open the Settings app. Choose the Accessibility option. Select the Audio/Visual option. Tap the button to the right of LED Flash for Alerts. This article continues below with additional information and […]

How to Set a Ringtone on an iPhone 11

You can customize many of the sounds that you hear on your iPhone, including the sound that plays when you receive a new call. Use these steps to set a ringtone on an iPhone 11. Open Settings. Choose Sounds & Haptics. Touch the Ringtone button. Tap the ringtone that you want to use. Our article […]

How to Show Messages on the Lock Screen on an iPhone 11

Your iPhone gives you control over the way many of your notifications are displayed, including the notifications for text messages. Use these steps to shown messages on the lock screen on an iPhone 11. Open Settings. Choose Notifications. Select Messages. Enable the Lock Screen option, then select Show Previews. Tap the Always button. This article […]

How to Save Passwords on an iPhone 11

Your iPhone is able to save passwords that you enter and for new accounts that you create in the Safari browser. Use these steps to save passwords on your iPhone. Open Settings. Choose Passwords & Accounts. Select Autofill Passwords. Tap the Autofill Passwords button to turn it on. We continue below with additional information and […]

How to Switch to Mono Audio on an iPhone 11

By default your iPhone is in stereo audio. This means that when you wear headphones, you will hear different things in each ear. But if you have difficulty hearing, or if you simply don’t like stereo audio, then you may be wondering how to switch to mono. Fortunately this is a setting that you can […]