How to Enable Picture in Picture on an iPhone 11

Picture in picture is a feature that has been available on some television models for quite some time. It can be useful, so you might be wondering how to enable picture in picture on an iPhone 11. Fortunately this is a feature that’s available on the device following an iOS 14 update. When picture in […]

How to Turn Off Voice Control on an iPhone 11

Your iPhone has a voice assistant called Siri that can help you to perform certain actions with your voice. But even if Siri is turned off, it’s still possible that your iPhone can accept voice commands. This is because of a separate feature called Voice Control. Voice Control can either be activated at all times […]

How to Take a Screenshot with a Samsung Galaxy On5

Many devices such as laptops, desktops, and smartphones are able to capture pictures of their screen. Since it’s a common feature, you may be wondering how to take a screenshot with a Samsung Galaxy On5. The camera on your Samsung Galaxy On5 is great when something is happening around you, and you want to capture […]

How to Change Your Apple ID Payment Card on an iPhone 11

When you purchase apps or content from your iPhone, that purchase will use the payment card that is currently attached to your Apple ID. This is different than the card that you have set up in Apple Pay, so it’s possible to have a card in Apple Pay that isn’t on your Apple ID. If […]

How to Delete an App On the iPhone 5

You may discover that you need to know how to delete apps on the iPhone 5 when your phone indicates that there isn’t enough space left for something that you are trying to do. Whether that means downloading music or movies, or installing another app, there are a lot of reasons why you might be […]

How to Delete Cookies and History in the iPhone Firefox Browser

The Firefox browser on your iPhone has many of the same features as browsers you would find on your laptop or desktop computer, including the ability to clear cookies and history for sites that you have visited. When you visit Web pages in the Firefox browser on your iPhone, information about your visit is saved […]

How to Scan QR Codes on an iPad

Many products include a QR code that provides you with additional information about that product, or allow the manufacturer to add additional features for their customers. As such, it can be useful to learn how to scan QR codes with your iPad. QR codes have been a popular way for companies to include website links […]

How to Check Your iTunes Gift Card Balance on an iPhone

The iTunes gift card balance associated with your Apple ID can appear when you redeem a gift card, and it can be used for purchases that you make through the iTunes Store. iTunes gift cards are a popular gift option for┬ápeople that use Apple devices such as a Macbook, iPad or iPhone, as they allow […]

How to Turn Off Location Services on an iPhone 6

You might be wondering where to find Location Services on your iPhone if you have ever seen the little arrow icon at the top of your iPhone screen and wondered why it was appearing. That arrow indicates that an app on your iPhone is currently, or was recently, using the Location Services feature on your […]

How to Open the Apple TV Remote on an iPhone 11

The Apple TV device allows you to stream content to your TV. This includes movies and TV shows that you have purchased in iTunes, as well as popular video streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and more. The Apple TV comes with a physical remote control that works perfectly fine, but it’s kind of […]