how to find saved passwords on an iPhone 11

How to Find Passwords on iPhone 11

The steps in this article are going to show you how to find saved passwords on an iPhone 11. The saved passwords on your iPhone are ones that you’ve entered for various websites that you have visited on the device. They won’t update if you have changed them on another non-iOS device or in some … Read more

How to Factory Reset iPhone 11

It’s fairly common to update your iPhone every few years as new models are released with additional features and better performance. But when you get a new iPhone you need to figure out what to do with the old one, and you probably want to factory reset it to remove your personal information. You may … Read more

how to sign out of your apple id on the iphone 5 in ios 7

How to Sign Out of iPhone 13 in iOS 15

If you share your iPhone 5 with someone else, or if you want to allow a friend or child to borrow your iPhone 5 for a little while, then you may be concerned about them purchasing or downloading items with your Apple ID. One way to combat this is to sign out of your Apple … Read more

how to delete apps on an iPad

How to Delete Apps on iPad 6th Generation

Many of the different services and businesses that you use every day have their own apps. Some of these apps let you make purchases or complete orders, others provide additional information, and many will improve your experience. But you can quickly wind up with too many apps on your iPad, meaning that it’s time to … Read more

how to clear history - Microsoft Edge iPhone

What is Edge on iPhone?

Your iPhone is home to a fantastic marketplace of apps that you can download from the App Store and install on the device. Some of these apps provide completely new functionality, while others provide an alternative to the default apps on the device. The default Web browser on the iPhone is Safari, and it’s likely … Read more

how to unblock a caller on the iphone 5

How to Unblock a Number – iPhone Guide

Spam calls, telemarketing calls, and other kinds of unwanted junk and scams are very prevalent for mobile phone owners today. You might have even started using an app or a service from your phone company to help you block numbers before they try and reach you, or block numbers from your recent calls list so … Read more