Can I Have Two Bluetooth Devices Connected to an iPhone at Once?

Bluetooth is a really helpful technology that offers you the ability to wirelessly connect devices to your iPhone. Whether you need a keyboard to make it easier to type, or you want to be able to listen to your music without disturbing people in your office, there are Bluetooth devices to solve your problem. But […]

How to Turn Off Camera Sound on iPhone 5

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How to Display Battery Percentage on iPhone 5

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How to Delete Cache in Spotify on iPhone

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How to Connect the Sony MDR10RBT Headphones to an iPhone

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How to Always Allow Cookies in the Safari iPhone Browser

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How to Change the Screen Time Passcode on an iPhone 7

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How to Remove the Picture from an iPhone Lock Screen

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How to View Your Step Count on an Apple Watch

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How to Transfer More Than One Legendary Pokemon at a Time in Pokemon Go

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