How to Go Incognito in YouTube on an iPhone

Many applications have a mode where you are able to perform actions without saving them to a history. The most common example of this is a Web browser (such as one of the other Google apps, Chrome) on your computer or phone. But you may want to know how to go Incognito on YouTube in … Read more

how to switch off mobile data entirely on an iphone 7

How to Turn Off iPhone 7 Mobile Data

When you purchase an iPhone and activate it with s mobile or cellular provider, an important part of the plan that you select involves mobile data. This is the feature that lets you use most apps, services, and device features when you are away from home. But you may need to know how to turn … Read more

touch the portrait orientation lock button

How to Enable or Disable iPhone 6 Rotating Screen

When I was previously using an iPhone 5, I found that most of my device usage was in the landscape orientation. It was difficult to type in portrait orientation, and reading Web pages was often difficult if the text was too small. These problems are mostly gone, however, with the iPhone 6 Plus. The screen … Read more

turn off the mail option

How to Turn Off Email on iPhone

Do you have an email account on your iPhone that only receives junk mail or spam? You could delete the account from your iPhone if you aren’t using it, but you may simply prefer to turn off mail for the account instead. It’s entirely possible that you have more than one email account that you … Read more

how to enable the Reduce Motion option on an iPhone

How to Reduce Motion – iPhone 13

Attempting to conserve battery life on an iPhone has been a goal for many iPhone users since the device became popular. Suggestions have always included things like reducing screen brightness, turning off background app refresh, and enabling a setting called “Reduce Motion.” Now you also have the option of enabling a “Low Power Mode” setting … Read more