How to Recover a File from Google Drive Trash

The usefulness of the apps in Google Drive could lead you to a point where you are creating and storing many files within your Google Drive. Even with the considerable amount of storage space that you are given for free with your Google account, you may eventually need to delete some of those files to […]

How to Make a Copy of a File in Google Drive

Have you created a document or a spreadsheet in Google Drive, and you would like to use it for a purpose other than why it was originally created? While you could simply use the original file then restore an older version of the file, it may be beneficial to simply make a copy of the […]

How to Change the Name of a File in Google Drive

Properly naming files on your computer is important when you create a lot of data and need to be able to easily identify those creations. You may already be familiar with changing file names in Windows but, if you are a Google Drive user, you may have found that it can become a problem there […]

How to Turn Off Google Drive Email Notifications

Notifications in Google Drive are a great way to keep you updated when someone comments on a document, or when a change is made to a file. By receiving the notifications in your email account you aren’t required t continually check a document to see if it’s changed. But for documents that are actively edited […]

How to Show More Files on the Screen in Google Drive

Many of the ways that you use Google Drive can be customized, which is helpful if it has become your go-to way to edit, create, and manage documents. But it’s very easy for your Drive to fill up quickly, which can leave you scrolling through a lot of files to find the right one. While […]

How to Upload a CSV File to Google Drive

Google Drive is a really helpful cloud storage solution that makes it easy to put your files someplace that makes them accessible from multiple computers. If you have been using Google Drive and its corresponding apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides, then you likely already have some files in Google Drive that were created by […]

How to Delete a File from Google Drive

Our guide is going to show you how to delete a file from Google Drive. This process will work both for files that you uploaded and files that you created with Sheets, Docs, or Slides. Sign into your Google Drive. Click the file to delete, then click the trash can icon at the top-right. Select […]

How to Change Vertical Alignment in Table Cells in Google Docs

Tables in Google Docs present you with a helpful tool for displaying data that isn’t easy to format with the standard body of a document. While many of the situations where you would need to organize data in a tabular format can be accomplished effectively in Sheets instead of Docs, there are situations where you […]

How to Upload Pictures From iPhone 5 to Google Drive

Last Updated: December 29, 2016 A lot of people have started to use the camera on their iPhone 5 as their primary means of taking photographs, and rightfully so. It’s a quality camera that you probably have with you all of the time. But one of the biggest complaints of the iPhone 5 camera is […]