clear cookies in chrome when you close the browser

How to Clear Cookies in Chrome When You Close the Browser

If you like to clear your history and cookies after browsing on your computer, then you might have gotten into the habit of navigating through the menu when you are finished. But if this is something that you do regularly, then you can choose the let Chrome do it for you instead. Our tutorial below … Read more

how to delete a table in google docs

How to Delete a Table in Google Docs (A Quick 5 Step Guide)

While Google Docs provides a number of different tools for adding objects to a document, you might find that removing some of those objects is not as simple. Many of the different types of media or pieces of content in a document will have options in the top menu or the right-click menu that you … Read more

tap the expire button

How to Turn Off Auto Delete Messages on an iPhone (An Easy 4 Step Guide)

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How to Delete Documents from Microsoft Word

The documents that you create in Microsoft Word can be opened and read from within Microsoft Word at any time. This is possible through the file navigation feature that is available on the Open window of the File menu. You can, however, also use this navigation feature to find and delete documents while you are … Read more