how to fit a large table on one page in word 2010

How to Make a Table Fit on One Page in Word 2010

While adding a table to Microsoft Word is accomplished from the Insert tab, simply adding the table may not be enough. Complex Word documents can often need to take advantage of various settings like line and page breaks and settings found on menus like the Paragraph dialog box to make their documents look the way … Read more

adjust the picture size

How to Add a Picture to a Header in Word 2010

Customizing the header area in a Microsoft Word document is something that you may have done before if you wanted to add page numbers or your last name to every page. Putting content into a document header will automatically add that content to every page in the document without needing to worry about entering that … Read more

change the address for the link

How to Edit a Hyperlink in Word 2010

Adding a link to a document in applications like Google Docs or Microsoft Word allows your audience to simply click on some of the text in the document and visit a Web page or a file that you have specified. You can edit a hyperlink in a Word document by right-clicking on it, selecting the … Read more

click the hyperlink button

How to Create a Hyperlink in Word 2010

If you want someone to be able to click some text in your document and visit a Web page, then you want to use a hyperlink. You can create a hyperlink in Microsoft Word 2010 if you select some text or a picture, right-click the selected text or image, then click Hyperlink from the shortcut … Read more

how to print two pages on one sheet in word 2010

How to Print Two Pages on One Sheet – Word 2010

If you have ever explored the various settings for a document in Microsoft Word then you probably encountered the Page Setup dialog box. This menu contains a variety of different ways that you can customize the appearance of your document on the page. But there are some other options on the Print menu that can … Read more

click the insert right button

How to Add Table Columns in Word 2010

Documents that we create in applications like Google Docs or Microsoft Word are rarely perfect in the first draft. Most documents need a lot of editing or revisions before they are acceptable. This applies to more than just the content that you type in paragraphs. It can go for other documents objects as well, such … Read more

uncheck any other formatting marks that are enabled

How to Hide Formatting Marks in Word 2010

Many of the settings in Microsoft Word will only apply to the current document unless you choose to apply a setting to the default template. But there is one specific setting that can hide or show formatting marks in a document, and that setting will remain even after you close a document in Microsoft Word. … Read more

how to delete a column from a table in word 2010

How to Delete Column from Table in Word 2010

When you start entering data into a table in Microsoft Word you may already have a good idea of the information that you will include. This often involves the layout of the table, and you might have selected the number of rows and columns that you believe your table will require. But as you are … Read more