click the hyperlink button

How to Create a Hyperlink in Word 2010

If you want someone to be able to click some text in your document and visit a Web page, then you want to use a hyperlink. You can create a hyperlink in Microsoft Word 2010 if you select some text or a picture, right-click the selected text or image, then click Hyperlink from the shortcut … Read more

how to print two pages on one sheet in word 2010

How to Print Two Pages on One Sheet – Word 2010

If you have ever explored the various settings for a document in Microsoft Word then you probably encountered the Page Setup dialog box. This menu contains a variety of different ways that you can customize the appearance of your document on the page. But there are some other options on the Print menu that can … Read more

click the insert right button

How to Add Table Columns in Word 2010

Documents that we create in applications like Google Docs or Microsoft Word are rarely perfect in the first draft. Most documents need a lot of editing or revisions before they are acceptable. This applies to more than just the content that you type in paragraphs. It can go for other documents objects as well, such … Read more

uncheck any other formatting marks that are enabled

How to Hide Formatting Marks in Word 2010

Many of the settings in Microsoft Word will only apply to the current document unless you choose to apply a setting to the default template. But there is one specific setting that can hide or show formatting marks in a document, and that setting will remain even after you close a document in Microsoft Word. … Read more

how to delete a column from a table in word 2010

How to Delete Column from Table in Word 2010

When you start entering data into a table in Microsoft Word you may already have a good idea of the information that you will include. This often involves the layout of the table, and you might have selected the number of rows and columns that you believe your table will require. But as you are … Read more

how to remove the borders from a table in word 2010

How to Remove Table Borders in Word 2010

Word processing applications like the Microsoft Office version, Word, or the Google Apps version, Docs, allow you to add various objects to your document to help you convey information to your readers. One such object is a table, and you can specify the number of rows and columns included in that table. But you can … Read more

how to use legal sized paper by default in Word 2010

How to Use Legal Paper by Default in Word 2010

When you need to change something every time you create a new document in Microsoft Word then it can become annoying very quickly. Fortunately, you are able to change a number of default settings in the application so that your new documents have all of the formatting changes made already. This means that you can … Read more

add a new comment in word 2010

How to Insert Comment in Word 2010

Many of the more popular document-creation applications include ways for you to work with others. These methods usually provide an interface where collaborators can comment on a part of a document so that everyone else can see that comment and decide if a change should be made. You can insert a comment in Word 2010 … Read more

uncheck the box to the left of gridlines

How to Get Rid of Gridlines in Word 2010

If you open a document in Microsoft Word and see a pattern of small blue squares of the page, then it’s likely that gridlines are enabled. Your first instinct might be to go to the Page Layout tab to try and remove them, but the option is actually found in a different location. Fortunately you … Read more