how to convert uppercase to sentence case in word 2010

How to Switch Uppercase Letters to Sentence Case in Word 2010

Some people really like to type in all capital letters, and you might find yourself editing a document like that in Microsoft Word. If that document needs to be in proper sentence case, you might think that you will basically need to rewrite the entire thing. Fortunately, our tutorial will show you how to switch … Read more

how to insert an artistic or decorative horizontal line in word 2010

How to Insert an Artistic or Decorative Horizontal Line in Word 2010

Occasionally you will need to add objects or different formatting marks to your documents. One of the more commonly used objects is a horizontal line. Word even has a shortcut that you can use to add a basic one. But if you are wondering how to insert a decorative or artistic line in your Word … Read more

how to insert a blank page in word 2010

How to Insert a Blank Page in Word 2010

Everyone makes mistakes or forgets something, and this extends to the documents that we create for work and school. While some of the more common mistakes involve spelling or grammar issues, you might also forget to cover an entire document after you’ve written most of your content. Rather than trying to move everything around manually … Read more

select the right template

How to Print Avery Labels in Word

When you need to print out address labels or something else, you will likely buy a product that uses the Avery label templates. Avery is one of the largest manufacturers of printer labels in the United States, and their templates are so popular that they can be found in Microsoft Word by default. Our tutorial … Read more