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How to Add Same Header to All Sheets in Excel 2013

When you want to make the same change to multiple cells in a Microsoft Excel worksheet, then you can usually do so by selecting all of the cells that you want to edit. The same rule applies to entire worksheets in Excel, and one of the things you can edit in bulk are headers. You … Read more

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How to Make the Header Smaller in Word 2013

Your school or organization likely has some specific formatting settings that you need to follow. Some of these are easier to adjust than others, especially if you need to make the header smaller in Word 2013. The header section of a Word document will typically contain some combination of information like your page numbers, name, … Read more

different header on first page excel 2013

How to Use a Different Header for the First Page in Excel 2013

Headers and footers in an Excel spreadsheet offer a simple way to put repeating information at the top of every printed page of your spreadsheet. You can even put a picture in a header or footer. But occasionally you might need to put different information on the first page of the spreadsheet that what will … Read more