How to Change Header Position in Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 has many options for customizing your header. For example, we have previously covered removing a page number from the header of a Word 2010 document.

You can add images or text to the header, and you can add those items to the left, center, or right portion of the header. But what you may not be aware of is the fact that you can also change the position of the header in Word 2010.

By default, a header in a Word 2010 document is .5 inches from the top of the page, but that amount is customizable.

By using the options on the Word 2010 header menu, you can easily change the header position in Word 2010.

Moving a Header Up or Down in Word 2010

The only limitation that you will encounter when adjusting the position of your header in Word 2010 are the limitations that are imposed on your document by your printer.

However, since all printers are different, it is hard to say with conviction what a general amount of space is that you need to leave at the top of your documents.

You will need to do some experimenting with your own printer to determine what the minimum distance is for the position of your header in Word 2010.

But, with that information in hand, you can proceed with moving your header up and down to suit the needs of your Word 2010 document.

Step 1: Open the Word document for which you want to change the header position.

Step 2: Double-click the header section of the document.

double-click word 2010 header

Step 3: Word should now switch the items in the ribbon at the top of the window to the Header & Footer Tools – Design tab.

word 2010 header and footer tools tab

Step 4: Locate the Header from Top option in the Position section of the ribbon, then use the arrows to increase or decrease the distance of the header from the top of the page.

how to change header position in word 2010

As you increase or decrease the distance, you will note that the header position moves automatically.

This will not affect the document if you are decreasing the distance but if you increase the distance, it will push down the body of your document.

This can increase the length of your document and might also create some problems if you have manually inserted page breaks near the bottom of a page.

After changing the position of your header in Word 2010, be sure to go through the entire document to ensure that it has not negatively impacted any of the information contained within the document.

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