How to Delete a Channel from Apple News on Your iPhone

how to delete channel from apple news

The News app on your iPhone can be a great place for you to read about current events. It lets you customize your news fee with a lot of different topics and sources, allowing you to see the news that is relevant or important to you. But as you … [Continue reading]

How to Show or Hide the Day of the Week on a MacBook

how to include day of the week in mac status bar

The status bar at the top of the screen on your Mac includes a lot of helpful information and buttons that tell you about the current status of your device. One of the pieces of information in this location is the time, and there might even be a day … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Default Font in OneNote 2013

can I change the default font in onenote 2013

The Microsoft Office programs on your computer all probably use the same font for new documents if it's a setting that you have never touched. In Office 2013, this font is called Calibri. It's a generally well-liked font, and many people leave it as … [Continue reading]

How to Disable Text Recognition in Pictures for OneNote 2013

how to disable text recognition for pictures in onenote 2013

Sometimes the pictures that you save in OneNote 2013 might have some text in them. Occasionally this text will be an important part of why you need the picture. Because of this, OneNote 2013 is able to automatically detect text that might appear in … [Continue reading]

How to Enable or Disable Automatic iOS Updates on an iPhone 7

enable or disable automatic ios updates on iphone

The iOS updates that are released periodically for your iPhone typically include new features, as well as fixes for bugs and issues that may arise after the update has been available to the general public for a while. But manually installing those … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off the Airdrop Sound on an iPhone 7

iphone disable sound from airdrop

Your iPhone can make a number of sounds and display many types of notifications when you receive something like a phone call or text message. But there are a number of other sounds and alerts that you can receive, including those associated with the … [Continue reading]

How to Make Dock Icons Smaller on a MacBook Air

how to change size of dock icons on macbook air

The dock at the bottom of the screen on your MacBook provides easy access to many of the programs on your computer. Simply click on one of the icons in that dock to open a program. But the dock can take up a good amount of screen real estate, and … [Continue reading]

How to Enable or Disable Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go

how to turn pokemon go adventure sync on or off

Pokemon Go recently added a new feature called Adventure Sync. Among the functionality that this includes is the ability for Pokemon Go to count your movement even when the game is closed. This means that if you are walking around and don't have … [Continue reading]

How to Disable Gift Notifications in Pokemon Go

how to turn off gift notifications pokemon go

The friends feature that was added to Pokemon lets you interact and receive benefits by befriending other Pokemon Go players. One of these benefits is the ability to send and receive gifts that drop from Pokestops. But over time as your friend … [Continue reading]

How to Search for Cards You Don’t Own in MTG Arena

how to search for not collected cards mtg arena

MTG Arena is a great way for you to play Magic the Gathering from home. It offers many ways to acquire cards, many of which won't require you to spend any money. But there are a lot of cards available in MTG Arena, and you may be noticing that it's … [Continue reading]