How to Make a Powerpoint Into a Video

how to make a Powerpoint into a video

Use these steps to convert your Powerpoint file into a video file. Open the presentation in Microsoft Powerpoint. Click the "File" tab at the top-left of the window. Select the "Export" tab at the left side of the window. Click the "Create a … [Continue reading]

How to Show File Extensions in Windows 10

how to show file extensions in Windows 10

Use the steps below to display file extensions in Windows 10. Click the folder icon in the taskbar. Alternatively you could open any other folder on your computer. Select the "View" tab at the top of the window. It is above the folder path field. … [Continue reading]

How to Set an iPhone Sleep Timer

how to set an iPhone sleep timer

Use these steps to set a sleep timer on your iPhone. Tap the "Clock" icon. If you don't see it on your Home screen you can swipe down from the top of the screen to open the "Search" menu and type "clock" into the search field. Touch the "Timer" tab … [Continue reading]

How to Do Subscript in Google Docs

how to do subscript in Google Docs

Use the steps below to add subscript in a Google Docs document. Sign into Google Drive and open a Docs file. Go to to view your Google drive files directly. Select text to switch to subscript, or place your cursor where you … [Continue reading]

How to Download an Entire Folder in Google Drive

how to download an entire folder in Google Drive

Use these steps to download an entire Google Drive folder at once. Sign into Google Drive. Go to to access your Google Drive directly. Select the folder that you want to download. You can create a new folder by clicking the … [Continue reading]

How to Select Multiple Files in Google Drive

how to select multiple files in Google Drive

Use the steps below to select more than one file at a time in Google Drive. Sign into Google Drive. You can go directly to instead of opening Google Drive through Gmail or another Google app. Click the first file that you … [Continue reading]

How to Create a Hanging Indent in Google Docs

how to create a hanging indent in Google Docs

Use these steps to make a hanging indent in Google Docs. Open the document in Google Docs. You can go directly to to access your documents quickly. Click on the line in the document that you want to indent. You can actually … [Continue reading]

How to Strikethrough Text in Microsoft Outlook

how to strikethrough text in Outlook

Time needed: 2 minutes. Use the following steps to draw a line through text in Microsoft Outlook. Open Outlook and start a new email. You could also reply to or forward an email in your inbox. Select the text that you want to strikethrough. If you … [Continue reading]

How to Automatically Delete Emails from Blocked Senders on an iPhone 11

how to delete emails from blocked senders automatically on an iPhone 11

The steps in this article are going to show you how to have your iPhone 11 automatically delete emails that were sent from email addresses that you have blocked. Your iPhone deletes these emails based off of contacts that you have blocked on the … [Continue reading]

How to Automatically Create New Contacts in Gmail

how to make Gmail create new contacts automatically

The steps in this article are going to show you how to get Gmail to automatically create a new contact for people that you email for the first time. Any new contact created this way will be added under "Other Contacts."These new contacts will come … [Continue reading]