how to add borders in google sheets

How to Add Borders in Google Sheets

The Google Sheets application has a lot of different tools to customize the appearance of your cells. But perhaps one of the most useful ones allows you to darken the lines that separate your cells. Our tutorial below will show you how to add borders in Google Sheets if you want to make these lines … Read more

week numbers enabled

How to Turn On Week Numbers in the iPhone Calendar

If you often need to reference week numbers when you are working on your calendar, then you might be tired of trying to count them. Luckily there is an option to add Apple calendar week numbers on the iPhone calendar by changing an option found within the Settings app. How to Use Apple Calendar Week … Read more

how to switch to compact view in Gmail

How to Switch to Compact View in Gmail

The Gmail interface on your computer provides you with a lot of ways to read, sort, and organize your email messages. But you may be wondering how to change Gmail view settings if you would like to be able to see more of your messages in your inbox at once. Luckily you can switch to … Read more

change the windows 7 negative number format

Change the Windows 7 Negative Number Format

There are some small quirks to the way Windows displays certain types of information. In a lot of situations, you might not notice or really care, but if the way it shows numbers that are below zero is a problem, then you may be wondering how to change the Windows 7 negative number format. Fortunately, … Read more

Disable the Speak Auto-text option

How to Stop the iPhone 5 from Speaking Text

It can be both surprising and annoying if your iPhone starts talking to you. Sometimes it has something to do with Siri and she might be giving you some useful information. But it’s also possible that you need to know how to turn off speak auto text on iPhone because it has started to speak … Read more