How to Print Powerpoint with Comments

how to print with comments in Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint provides a tool that lets you and others add comments to your slides, but they don't print by default. Use these steps top print Powerpoint with comments. Open your presentation.Select the File tab at the top-left of the … [Continue reading]

How to Clear Cookies on iPhone 11

clear cookies iPhone

Sometimes you will need to clear website data and history on your iPhone 11, which includes cookies that have been saved by websites. Use these steps to clear cookies on iPhone 11. Open Settings.Select Safari.Touch the Clear History and Website … [Continue reading]

How to Save Powerpoint as PDF with Notes

save a Powerpoint file as a PDF with speaker notes

When you create a Powerpoint file you have the ability to add speaker notes to your slides. Use these steps to save Powerpoint as a PDF that includes the notes. Open your Powerpoint file.Select the File tab at the top-left.Choose the Save As … [Continue reading]

How to Select All in Microsoft Word for Office 365

how to select all in Word

Sometimes you will need to select everything in a document if you are copying it somewhere else, or if you need to change a font or formatting. Use these steps to select all in Microsoft Word for Office 365. Open your document in Word.Click the … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Solid Line in Word

how to add a solid line in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word give you a lot of tools for adding objects and formatting to your documents. Use these steps to add a solid line in Word. Open the document in Word.Select the point where you want the solid line.Type three hyphen characters.Press … [Continue reading]

How to Add Google Chrome to the Desktop in Windows 10

add Google Chrome to the desktop

There are a handful of different ways that you can open a program in Windows 10, but many people like to have their most-used programs on the desktop. Use these steps to add Google Chrome to the desktop in Windows 10. Click the Windows button at … [Continue reading]

How to Split a Google Doc in Half

how to split a document in half in Google Docs

When you create new documents in Google Docs, content that you add will span from the left margin to the right margin, then proceed to the next line. Use these steps to split a Google Doc in half. Open your Google Doc.Select Format at the top of … [Continue reading]

How to View History on Safari on iPhone 11

how to view iPhone 11 Safari history

Often when people are concerned about the browsing history on their phone, they are interested in deleting it. However, that history can be useful. Use these steps to view your history in Safari on an iPhone 11. Open Safari.Touch the book icon at … [Continue reading]

How to Indent Second Line in Google Docs

Google Docs indent second line

Some document situations will call for you to indent the second line in a document. Use these steps to indent the second line in Google Docs. Open the document in Google Docs.Click the View tab at the top of the window.Select the Show Ruler option … [Continue reading]

How to Find Your WiFi Password in Windows 10

how to view your Windows 10 wifi password

When you first connected to a WiFi network on your laptop or desktop computer, you needed the password to do so. But they're easy to forget, and you may need to know it. Use these steps to find your WiFi password in Windows 10. Type "WiFi … [Continue reading]