How to Block Incoming Chat Requests from Strangers in Google Hangouts

how to stop strangers from sending you invitations in google hangouts

Google Hangouts is a great service that makes it possible for you to interact with people through video calls and phone calls. If you have a Google Account, then you are able to take advantage of this free service. Unfortunately Google Hangouts … [Continue reading]

How to Make a Graph in Google Sheets

how to make a graph in google sheets

Sometimes the data that you are creating in a spreadsheet is better understood if you can create a visual representation of that data. This is often best achieved by making a graph so, if you are working on a spreadsheet, you may find yourself … [Continue reading]

How to Center Text in Microsoft Word

how to center text in word

When you start typing in a Word document that is using the Normal template, all of the text that you enter will be left aligned by default. This means that the first letter on each line will be against the left margin of the page. This is the … [Continue reading]

How to Add a New Person to a Group Message in iOS 11

how to add someone to group message in ios 11

Group messaging is a fun way to communicate with multiple people at once. Whether it's a group of friends discussing a TV show, or a team of colleagues from work, the ability for multiple people to interact in a single message thread that you can … [Continue reading]

How to Make a Table in Excel 2013

how to make a table in excel 2013

Adding data to a spreadsheet in Excel 2013 gives you the ability to sort data, edit it, and perform a number of different mathematical operations and functions on it. But occasionally you might have data that needs some additional formatting or … [Continue reading]

How to Import Contacts to Gmail With a CSV File

how to import contacts with a csv file in gmail

Storing all of your contacts in your Gmail account is helpful when you get a new smartphone and want to quickly have access to your contacts on that device. It also makes it much simpler to find email addresses and phone numbers in Gmail when you … [Continue reading]

How to Change Your Computer’s Name on a MacBook Air

macbook air change computer name

Devices that you connect to your network will usually have a way that they are identified. Sometimes this method of identification is automatic and very difficult to change but, other times, it is relatively easy to change the name of a device. For … [Continue reading]

How to Right Click on a MacBook Air

how to right click on a macbook air

Right-clicking is something that may not come naturally to many computer users at first but, over time and with practice, it can become an action that is almost second nature and provides you with a number of additional options. I have been a … [Continue reading]

How to Check for Updates in Firefox

how to check for updates in firefox

The Firefox browser from Mozilla is one of the most popular Web browsers that you can use on your computer or smartphone. It's well-liked for its speed, extensions, and general user-friendliness. Like many of the applications that you use on your … [Continue reading]

How to Share a Web Page Link in the Edge iPhone App

how to share a link in the edge iphone app

Mobile browsing has eclipsed desktop browsing, meaning that it has become the most popular method for people to consume content on the Internet. The Edge iPhone app is one of the ways that you can browse sites on the Web, and it's one of the only … [Continue reading]