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  • How to Turn on the Dark Mode iPhone 13 Setting
    Many apps and devices provide their users with the means to switch between light and dark modes, and the iPhone 13 is no different. The option to use dark mode can not … Read more
  • iPhone YouTube App – How to Enable Full Quality Uploads
    Depending on the iPhone model that you own, you might be able to record videos that have a resolution anywhere between 720p and 4K resolution. But if you have recorded a high-definition … Read more
  • How to Record 4K Video on iPhone 13
    The camera on your iPhone 13 is great at capturing still images, but it’s also pretty good at recording video. But if the videos that you are recording are only in 720p … Read more
  • How to Change Safari Background on iPhone 13
    The iPhone 13 has a lot of different ways that you can customize the device. Some of these options are pretty unusual and can involve parts of the iPhone that you might … Read more
  • What Resolution Does My iPhone Use to Record Video?
    The video that you record on your iPhone can range in quality from 720p to 4K. Which resolution is used is determined by an option on the Settings menu, which you can … Read more
  • What Is True Tone on iPhone?
    Some of the things you find when you navigate through your iPhone Settings app are going to make sense, and their changes will be obvious. But other settings, especially those that use … Read more
  • How to Search for a Word in Google Docs
    Scanning through a document in Google Docs can be difficult if you need to search for a specific word. It can get even more difficult when the document is several pages in … Read more
  • How to Block an iPhone 13 Contact
    If you are receiving a lot of unwanted calls or text messages on your iPhone 13, then you might be curious about how to block those contact attempts from unwanted individuals. Fortunately, … Read more
  • How to Make Chrome the Default Browser on an iPhone 11
    When you tap a link in an app or an email on your iPhone, it’s probably opening in Safari by default. But if you spend most of your time browsing with Chrome, … Read more
  • Why Does it Say VZW Wi-Fi at the Top of My iPhone Screen?
    The top-left corner of your iPhone screen usually contains information that tells you about your current network connection. So if you ever wondered whether you were connected to a cellular network or … Read more

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