How to Download HBO Max Movies on an iPhone

how to download a movie in HBO Max on an iPhone

The HBO Max streaming service is HBO's latest option for watching movies and TV shows. Boasting a massive library of content, it immediately enters the streaming service field as one of the better options.Like many of the other popular streaming … [Continue reading]

How to Change a File Name in the Google Docs iPhone App

how to change a file name in Google Docs on an iPhone

When you create a new document in Google Docs, the file will have the name of "Untitled" by default. This can be confusing when you have a lot of documents, so it's helpful to apply a new file name that's a bit more descriptive.The Google Docs … [Continue reading]

How to Insert as Text in Microsoft Outlook for Office 365

how to insert a text in Microsoft Outlook for Office 365

If you have a document or an HTML file that you like to use in your emails, then you are probably familiar with the "Insert as Text" option in Microsoft Outlook.This feature lets you insert the contents of a file directly into the body of an … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Picture in Google Slides

how to delete a picture from Google Slides

Google Slides includes many of the same features that you would find in other presentation software like Microsoft Powerpoint.Among the features available in Google Slides is the ability to add a picture to one of your slides.Once that … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Pokemon from Pokemon Home on an iPhone

how to delete Pokemon from Pokemon Home on an iPhone

The Pokemon Home service that you can link with your Nintendo account gives you a way to move Pokemon between different games. It's easy to use, convenient, and lets you continue to use your favorite Pokemon from previous games.But sometimes you … [Continue reading]

How to View the Album of a Song You Are Listening to in Spotify on an iPhone

how to view a song album in Spotify on iPhone

Have you ever been listening to a song in Spotify, whether it's on a playlist or something someone shared with you, and wanted to see the whole album that song comes from?While you may have previously resorted to a Google search or manually … [Continue reading]

How to Make a Thicker Bottom Border in Microsoft Excel

how to add a thick bottom border in Excel

Microsoft Excel displays a series of gridlines by default which let you see the boundaries of your cells. But these gridlines won't print by default, and they may not be as pronounced, or they may not be the right color when you do set them to … [Continue reading]

How to Add Line Numbers in Microsoft Word for Office 365

Are you working on a document with other people and finding it difficult to reference particular parts of the document? Or are you looking for a simple way to number a list of items?Microsoft Word has an option that will let it automatically … [Continue reading]

How to Create a Great League Team in Pokemon Go

how to make a Great League team in Pokemon Go

One of the more interesting and surprisingly in-depth parts of Pokemon Go is the Go Battle League. This is a feature that lets you build a team and battle other players around the world.The Go Battle League has three different "levels" called … [Continue reading]

How to Ungroup Columns in Google Sheets

how to ungroup columns in Google Sheets

Grouping columns in spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel provides you with a simple method to hide and unhide large groups of data at once.A column grouping in Google Sheets indicated by a gray bar above the spreadsheet with a thing … [Continue reading]