How to Change the Default Font in Word 2013

Select your font styles, then click the Set As Default button

Microsoft Word has a set of default options that it uses for new documents that you create. Among these options is the font that is used for the text you type. Fortunately you can learn how to change the default font in Word 2013 if you want to use … [Continue reading]

How to Rotate Text in Adobe Photoshop CS5

how to rotate text in adobe photshop cs5

Text that you add to an image in Adobe Photoshop is going to be horizontal by default. However, your needs might require it to be diagonal, or displayed at some other angle. Fortunately it's possible to rotate text in Adobe photoshop by using the … [Continue reading]

How to Use Military Time on the Google Pixel 4A

how to use 24 hour time on the Google Pixel 4A

Your Google Pixel 4A likely is configured to automatically adjust its time for things like Daylight Savings Time or time zone changes. However, you might want to know how to use military time on the Google Pixel 4A instead of the current … [Continue reading]

How to Remove a Password from an Excel 2010 Spreadsheet

click the OK button

Locking a worksheet in Excel can be a useful tool depending on how that worksheet is being shared. But someone viewing a locked spreadsheet might need to edit it, so it's helpful to know how to remove a password in Excel 2010. Microsoft Excel … [Continue reading]

How to Add the Emoji Keyboard to the iPhone 5

emojis on iphone 5

If other iPhone users have sent you messages with little pictures, then you may be wondering how to do it, too. Fortunately it's only a few short steps to learn how to add the Emoji keyboard to the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 keyboard that comes up … [Continue reading]

How to Center Worksheet Horizontally and Vertically in Excel 2010

how to center worksheet horizontally and vertically in excel 2010

Printing in Microsoft Excel can be a frustrating endeavor. The default settings are often not ideal, which can leave you wondering how to do things like how to center a worksheet horizontally or vertically on the page in Excel 2010. By default, … [Continue reading]

How to Add Borders in Google Sheets

how to add borders in google sheets

Customizing the appearance of your spreadsheet cells can be helpful in making some of your data stand out more. One way to accomplish this is by learning how to add borders in Google Sheets. Separating cells in a spreadsheet is often a crucial … [Continue reading]

How to Double Space in Word 2013

how to double space in word 2013

Microsoft Word includes a "Normal" template that has some default formatting options. It's often necessary to change these options for a document, so you may need to learn how to double space in Word 2013. There are a couple of options that can … [Continue reading]

How to Record Video With the Nikon D3200

touch the record button to start and stop recording

The Nikon D3200 is a very capable camera with a ton of options. Even if you only bought it to take pictures, it may become important to know how to record video with the Nikon D3200. While your initial reason for purchasing a Nikon D3200 might … [Continue reading]

How to Draw an Arrow in Photoshop CS5

how to draw an arrow in photoshop cs5

While Photoshop may be thought of as a way to edit existing images, it also has a lot of tools that allow you to create images from scratch, or to add things to your pictures. This means that you can learn how to draw an arrow in … [Continue reading]