how to create a new worksheet in excel 2013

How to Insert a New Worksheet in Excel 2013

Taking advantage of the ability to have multiple sheet tabs in Microsoft Excel is a great way to keep similar types of data organized. For example, if you have a report that you create monthly then you might have a separate worksheet tab for each month. This makes sharing information much simpler, as you only … Read more

how to show the ruler in word 2013

How to Get Ruler on Word 2013

Some of the formatting options and tools in Microsoft Word can be in the way, so some users may hide them. Or, perhaps, there is something that could be shown on the screen but Microsoft has chosen to hide it by default because the majority of users won’t use it. But it’s possible that you … Read more

how to change the width of multiple columns in excel 2013

How to Change the Width of Multiple Columns in Excel 2013

Getting the size of your cells right is something that can be surprisingly tricky, depending on your needs. While you can approximate the column width or row height by dragging the borders or even autofit column widths by double-clicking one of those borders, you may want to select column widths to meet some specific requirements. … Read more

Tap the "Delete Account" button

How to Delete Email Account on iPhone 5

Receiving and sending emails from an iPhone has become so commonplace that many people will use it as their primary means of email communication. Since email has been around for so long, and since it’s so easy to have additional email accounts for work, school, or other organizations, you may find yourself with a lot … Read more

how to turn portrait orientation lock on or off on an iPhone

How to Rotate Screen on iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus allow you to switch the screen orientation between portrait and landscape. Not all of the apps on the device support both of these orientations, but many do, allowing you to view your content in the manner that you prefer. But if your screen isn’t rotating and you … Read more

how to remove a page break in excel 2010

How to Remove Page Break in Excel 2010

An Excel spreadsheet, like other documents that you might create in Microsoft Office programs such as Word or Powerpoint, will print as much information on one page as it can. One way around this is to use page breaks to force content onto a new page. But you might need to know how to remove … Read more