How to Turn on Battery Saver on the Google Pixel 4A

how to turn on the Google Pixel 4A battery saver

While mobile phone batteries have been improving over time, you may find that you are still having trouble getting through a whole day without charging. Some activities will use more battery than others, like streaming video or playing games, but … [Continue reading]

How to Turn on the Wi-Fi Hotspot on a Google Pixel 4A

how to enable Google Pixel 4A Wi-Fi hotspot

Your Google Pixel 4A is able to connect to the Internet almost anywhere you go. Whether you are on a Wi-Fi network or a cellular network, you can typically accomplish what you need. But not every Internet-capable device can connect to a cellular … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Unknown Sources on a Google Pixel 4A

how to enable apps from unknown sources on a Goolge Pixel 4A

Typically when you want to install an app on your Google Pixel 4A you would open the Play Store, search for the app, and install it. But occasionally you might want to install an app that isn't in the Play Store, such as through a … [Continue reading]

How to Show Battery Percentage on Google Pixel 4A

how to show battery percentage on Google Pixel 4A

The battery icon that is displayed at the top-right corner of the screen on your Google Pixel 4A gives you a rough idea of how much battery life you have. But it's not as specific as you might like, and you may be looking for a way to show the … [Continue reading]

How to Block Private Numbers on a Google Pixel 4A

how to block private numbers on Google Pixel 4A

Many people with cell phones get spam and robocalls all the time. It's very annoying, and potentially dangerous. While there are some third-party apps that can help with this, you may be looking for a way to do it on your phone without downloading … [Continue reading]

How to Find IMEI Number on a Google Pixel 4A

how to find the Google PIxel 4A IMEI number

The IMEI number for your Google Pixel is a unique identifying number attached to your device. This allows the cellular company to identify your device when it's on their network. When you add a phone to a cellular network for the first time, … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Google Assistant on a Google Pixel 4A

how to disable Google Assistant on a Google PIxel 4A

The Google Assistant feature on your Google Pixel 4A is similar to the Siri feature found on iPhones. By speaking to the phone it can perform a number of functions without you even needing to touch anything on the screen. While this feature can … [Continue reading]

What Android Version is On My Google Pixel 4A?

how to find Google Pixel 4A Android version number

The Android operating system on your Google Pixel 4A can vary depending on when it was purchased and whether or not you've installed any updates. Different versions of Android can have different features, and bugs that exist in earlier versions of … [Continue reading]

How to Take a Screenshot on a Google Pixel 4A

how to take a screenshot on the Google Pixel 4A

The Google Pixel 4A smartphone runs the Android operating system, and has many of the features that you will find on other Android phones. This includes the ability to install apps, take pictures, receive emails, and adjust various … [Continue reading]

Google Docs Mobile – How to Change Text Color

Google Docs mobile how to change text color

The Google Docs mobile app on your iPhone provides you with many of the same options that you find when editing documents on your computer. Included among these options is the ability to change the text color for existing or future … [Continue reading]