how to automatically number rows in excel 2010

How to Automatically Number Rows in Excel 2010

When you are first creating a set of data in Microsoft Excel 2010, there is probably a lot of data entry that is occurring. While this is, by its’ very nature, a tedious activity, it can be made even more so if you are just typing slightly different values on each row. For example, “Product … Read more

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How to Remove Borders in Word 2013

While borders are often more of a concern in other Microsoft Office products like Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Powerpoint, you can have borders in a Word document as well. Whether those borders surround the entire document, part of the document, or a picture, then you might be wondering how to remove a border in Word … Read more

How to View Alexa Shopping List on iPhone

Amazon Alexa is a very diverse feature, and many of the things that you can use it for are also found on other similar voice controls like Siri. One of these items involves adding items to lists. As you would expect with an online retailer like Amazon, one of the default lists involves items that … Read more

How to Add Gridlines in Excel 2016

When you create a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel you probably see a pattern of horizontal and vertical lines that create small rectangular cells. These lines are called gridlines and are a helpful formatting option to have both when working on your computer and viewing a printed spreadsheet. The steps in this article are going … Read more

how to use legal sized paper by default in Word 2010

How to Use Legal Paper by Default in Word 2010

When you need to change something every time you create a new document in Microsoft Word then it can become annoying very quickly. Fortunately, you are able to change a number of default settings in the application so that your new documents have all of the formatting changes made already. This means that you can … Read more

5 Reasons Why iPhone Battery Drains So Fast

If you rely heavily on your iPhone to manage your schedule, assist with work, or entertain yourself throughout the day then you might have it turned on for multiple hours each day. But too much iPhone usage can cause the battery to drain too quickly, leaving you with a dead battery near the end of … Read more

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How to Hide Column in Google Sheets

Spreadsheet applications like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets provide you with ways to format data, select how that data prints, and adjust how it looks on your computer screen. Sometimes, however, you need to know how to hide some data, or maybe even hide an entire column, in Google Sheets. Occasionally you will have a … Read more

how to print on legal paper in excel 2010

How to Print on Legal Paper in Excel 2010

Print settings are often an afterthought when working with data in Excel, but it can quickly turn into a headache when you print your spreadsheet and discover that nothing is right. You might not have any lines between cells, data might be cutting off and going on to its own page, and you may even … Read more

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How to Turn Off Live Photos on an iPhone 7

Your iPhone camera can take a variety of different pictures that let you create the type of images that you want. One of these options adds a small bit of movement when the picture first loads, which can be a pretty cool effect. But you may not want to use this feature, which can leave … Read more