Outlook.com – How to Remove a Device That’s Syncing

how to stop mobile device sync outlook.com

When you added your Outlook.com email account to your phone to receive emails, you configured a mobile sync that lets the phone download your emails. This isn't just something visible on your phone; you can also see the synced devices if you sign … [Continue reading]

How to Add Word Document Contents to a Slide in Powerpoint 2013

how to insert word document in powerpoint

Do you have a Word document that contains information that you would like to add to your Powerpoint presentation? While there are several options that allow you to do this, such as copying and pasting from the Word document, there is also a tool in … [Continue reading]

How to Add a Footer in Powerpoint 2013

repeat information at the bottom of slides in powerpoint

While the content that you include on the slides in your Powerpoint presentation will often vary from slide to slide, there might be information or page elements that you would like to include on every slide. Whether this is your name, your company … [Continue reading]

How to Choose When the Screen Saver Turns on for Your Mac

set period of inactivity before screen saver mac

When you don't use your Mac for a little while, it's possible for it to show a screen saver. This is meant to prevent any screen burn in that could occur if certain elements on the screen are displayed in the same location for too long. The amount … [Continue reading]

How to Disable Nightstand Mode on the Apple Watch

how turn off apple watch clock when charging

Your Apple Watch has a lot of interesting features that longtime watch owners still find out about even after they've had the device for years. One of these features is called Nightstand Mode, and it illuminates the watch face like a clock when it's … [Continue reading]

Why is My Powerpoint Presentation Black and White?

how to exit black and white or grayscale mode in powerpoint

Is your Powerpoint presentation displaying in black and white or grayscale, even though you know it should have color? Powerpoint 2013 has a mode that lets you choose the color palette that is displayed when editing your presentation. Fortunately … [Continue reading]

How to Concede a Match in Magic the Gathering Arena

how to quit a match in magic the gathering arena

Sometimes when you are playing a game of Magic, you might reach a point where you want to end the game. Whether something in your schedule has come up that requires you to leave, or the game is essentially over, although there are still turns left to … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off All Notification Previews on an iPhone 7

never show notification previews iphone

There are a lot of notification settings on your iPhone, including one that can show a preview of the information contained in the notification in your alerts. While this can be helpful for seeing information without unlocking your iPhone, you may be … [Continue reading]

Where’s the Volume Button in the Status Bar on My Mac?

how add volume button mac

The volume level on your Mac is something that you probably adjust all the time. Some videos or music are too loud, while others are too quiet, making it difficult to find a sound level that's comfortable all the time. One way that you can adjust … [Continue reading]

Why is There a Weird App Listed on the “Always Allowed” Screen in Screen Time on iPhone?

weird app in always allowed screen time on iphone

The Screen Time feature introduced to the iPhone in iOS 12 gives you a way to set a "Downtime" period where the phone is turned off except for a few apps. Part of this feature includes a couple of menus called "App Limits" and "Always Allowed" where … [Continue reading]