How to Disconnect Bluetooth Device – Windows 10

Some of the most useful devices and connections that you make with other devices throughout the day utilize Bluetooth technology. This wireless connection allows for a large range of products to communicate with your phone, computer, car, and more. But occasionally you might experience a problem with one of the devices that you have connected … Read more

how to change text color in google docs

How to Remove Google Docs Text Color

It’s very easy to make changes to the information in a document that you are creating in Google Docs, especially when it comes to formatting items like the font style, text size, or text color. Adjusting the appearance of your information can be a good idea for types of documents where the visual styling is … Read more

add a new comment in word 2010

How to Insert Comment in Word 2010

Many of the more popular document-creation applications include ways for you to work with others. These methods usually provide an interface where collaborators can comment on a part of a document so that everyone else can see that comment and decide if a change should be made. You can insert a comment in Word 2010 … Read more

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How to Move a Column in Excel 2013

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How to Set Up Signature in Outlook 2010

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touch the remove button

How to Remove Audible Books from iPhone

The Audible audiobook service lets you purchase books and add them to your Audible library. These books can then be accessed through a variety of different apps and on multiple device, making it easy for you to listen to the titles you own. But when you want to remove books that you have already listened … Read more

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How to Caps Lock on iPhone 11

If you often type with a lot of capital letters then you may be accustomed to constantly pressing the Shift key before each letter that you want to capitalize. But this can be slow, and it’s easy to mistakenly type a lowercase letter every now and then. You might be wondering if there is a … Read more