How to Enable the LED Light iPhone Notification

how to turn on LED light iPhone notifications on iPhone 11

Your iPhone can alert you to new notifications in a number of ways. Use these steps to turn on the LED light iPhone notification. Open the Settings app.Choose the Accessibility option.Select the Audio/Visual option.Tap the button to the right of … [Continue reading]

How to Set a Ringtone on an iPhone 11

how to change the ringtone on an iPhone 11

You can customize many of the sounds that you hear on your iPhone, including the sound that plays when you receive a new call. Use these steps to set a ringtone on an iPhone 11. Open Settings.Choose Sounds & Haptics.Touch the Ringtone … [Continue reading]

How to Outline Text in Powerpoint

how to outline text in a Microsoft Powerpoint slide

Powerpoint provides you with a variety of tools that allow you to customize your text. Use these steps to outline text in Powerpoint. Open your presentation in Powerpoint.Use your mouse to select the text you want to outline.Select the Shape … [Continue reading]

How to Show Messages on the Lock Screen on an iPhone 11

how to show messages on lock screen iphone

Your iPhone gives you control over the way many of your notifications are displayed, including the notifications for text messages. Use these steps to shown messages on the lock screen on an iPhone 11. Open Settings.Choose Notifications.Select … [Continue reading]

How to Rotate a Picture in Google Docs

how to rotate a picture in Google Docs

After you add a picture to a document in Google Docs, there are several ways you can modify it. Use these steps to rotate a picture in Google Docs. Sign into Google Drive and open the Docs file.Click on the picture to rotate.Click and hold on the … [Continue reading]

How to Type an Exponent in Word for Office 365

how to type an exponent in word

Occasionally you will need to type some text into a Word document that requires some unusual formatting. Use these steps to type an exponent in Word. Open your document in Word.Position your cursor where you want the exponent in the document.Type … [Continue reading]

How to Make a Header Row in Google Sheets

how to create a Google Sheets header row

Creating a header row in Google Sheets makes it much simpler to identify the information contained within a column. You can also choose to keep that header row visible at the top of the spreadsheet as you scroll. Use these steps to make a header row … [Continue reading]

How to Save Passwords on an iPhone 11

how to save passwords iphone

Your iPhone is able to save passwords that you enter and for new accounts that you create in the Safari browser. Use these steps to save passwords on your iPhone. Open Settings.Choose Passwords & Accounts.Select Autofill Passwords.Tap the … [Continue reading]

How to Switch to Mono Audio on an iPhone 11

how to use mono audio on an iPhone 11

By default your iPhone is in stereo audio. This means that when you wear headphones, you will hear different things in each ear. But if you have difficulty hearing, or if you simply don't like stereo audio, then you may be wondering how to switch … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Spotify from Opening Automatically on an Apple Watch

how to stop Spotify from opening on Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch provides you with a lot of helpful ways to receive notifications and control some of the things that happen on your iPhone. Many of the interactions between the two devices can occur automatically, including a set of controls that … [Continue reading]