Where Did My Desktop Icons Go in Windows 7?

how to restore windows 7 desktop icons to view

Are you accustomed to navigating your computer and its files largely from the desktop? This is a convenient location where you may save your important files, and where you might access your favorite programs via shortcut icons. But it's possible … [Continue reading]

How to Clear YouTube Search History in the iPhone App

iphone how clear youtube search history

Much like its search engine, Google's YouTube service provides you with search results that are based on your previous search history. This includes things like recommended videos that might be displayed for you. But if you have made some unusual … [Continue reading]

How to Hide Images in Firefox on an iPhone

how to hide images in firefox on an iphone

Have you ever been trying to read a Web page, but it was difficult to do so because there were a lot of pictures? This is a common complaint from people that read Web pages that are very image-heavy, as it can make it difficult to actually read … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Spotify Data Saver on an iPhone

how to enable data saver in spotify on iphone

Streaming music on your iPhone doesn't use as much data as streaming video, but it can turn into a lot of data use if you find that you are listening to music on a cellular network with Spotify. One way to avoid excessive data usage is by taking … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Dimming MacBook Display on Battery

stop screen form dimming while on battery macbook

MacBook's generally have very good batteries that can last several hours on a single charge. But, like many other digital devices, one of the biggest drains on the battery is the screen. Your MacBook has a setting where it will automatically dim … [Continue reading]

How to Set a Break Reminder in the YouTube iPhone App

set a reminder to take a break from youtube

It's easy to go down a rabbit hole of interests when you start watching videos on YouTube. Watching video after video can really spend a lot of time and, before you know it, you could have lost hours of your day. If you often find that you are … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Autoplay in the YouTube iPhone App

disable autoplay setting iphone youtube app

When you watch a video in the YouTube app on your iPhone, the app will automatically play a suggested video once the current one ends. This setting is called Autoplay, and is meant to keep videos playing while you are using the app. Some people … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Login Password on a MacBook Air

how to change user password macbook air

An important step to keeping your computer secure is a strong user password. Typically you won't ever share this password with someone other than a friend or family member, thereby limiting access to the computer and all of your information. But … [Continue reading]

Outlook.com – How to Enable Dark Mode

how enable dark mode outlook.com

Computer screens can be very bright, especially when you are looking at them in a dark room or at night. The blinding white screen that is common among many email service providers can make it difficult to look at the screen for an extended period of … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Shadows in MTG Arena

how to turn off shadows in mtg arena

Magic' the Gathering's Arena program is a fun way to play Magic the Gathering from your home. But the application can be a little resource-intensive, especially after it's been running for a while, and you may notice that it's lagging a bit when you … [Continue reading]