dial the number

How to Dial a Number on an iPhone

When you first get an iPhone it can be a little confusing. While it does have some similarities to other types of smartphones, there are some key differences that you will need to learn in order to get the most from the device. Perhaps one of the biggest adjustments for new iPhone owners is simply … Read more

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How to Check iPhone Available Storage on the iPhone 5

Learning how to check the storage on your iPhone is something that is helpful to learn early into your iPhone ownership. The iPhone 5 uses flash storage, which is one of the reasons that it is possible to have file storage space on such a small device. Unfortunately, flash storage is small and relatively expensive, … Read more

apple iphone se how delete email account

Apple iPhone SE – How to Remove an Email Account

Creating a new email account with a service like Gmail is something that you can accomplish in just a few minutes. Due to the ease of this process and the frequency with which email accounts can become targets of spam, it’s possible that you have multiple email accounts. If all of those accounts are on … Read more

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How to Delete a Font in Windows 7

Adding fonts in Microsoft Windows gives you an effective way to acquire the fonts that you need to use in your documents or design programs. But if you have too many fonts, then you might need to uninstall some. Fortunately, the way that you delete a font from a Windows 7 computer is just as … Read more

Excel Default Font in Excel for Office 365

Does the font style that is used when you create new workbooks in Excel seem unappealing or tough to read? If you as the creator of that spreadsheet are having difficulty reading the information, then it’s likely that your audience will, too. While you can change the font of existing text in a spreadsheet, it … Read more

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How to Remove Page Numbers in Excel 2010

One useful thing that you can do when working with Excel worksheets that are going to print on multiple sheets of paper is to ensure that those pages are numbered. This will make it easy to re-establish the page order in case the pages ever wind up in the wrong order. It can also help … Read more