How to Change the Default Save Type in Excel for Mac

how to change the default save type in excel for mac

When you use Excel for Mac on your Macbook, files that you create and save will be saved in the .xlsx file type by default. This is the current default file format for Excel on Windows computers and in the online version of Excel, meaning that your … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off Google Drive Email Notifications

turn off all google drive notifications

Notifications in Google Drive are a great way to keep you updated when someone comments on a document, or when a change is made to a file. By receiving the notifications in your email account you aren't required t continually check a document to see … [Continue reading]

What Does Do Not Disturb Do on an iPhone?

what does do not disturb do on an iphone

Your iPhone is designed in such a way that it's easy for people to reach you. Whether that's through email, text messages, a phone call, or a third-party app, you are never more than a couple button taps away from someone. But sometimes you want a … [Continue reading]

How to Block Camera Permission Requests in Firefox

how to block camera permission requests in firefox

Certain websites that you visit online will want to have access to some of the components on your computer. This might include your location or your microphone, as well as a webcam. But if you are concerned about a site gaining access to your camera … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Dark Mode or Night Mode in Youtube on iPhone

enable night mode youtube iphone

Night mode in the Youtube iPhone app is an increasingly popular feature for users of the mobile app. Much like other popular apps, such as Twitter, using a darker theme can be more stylistically appealing to some users, while also making it more … [Continue reading]

How to Easily Record Sound on an iPhone 7

how to easily record sound on iphone 7

Your iPhone is capable of many things. You can write emails, make calls, send text messages, play games, and perform a number of other different tasks, all from this one device. One additional thing that you can do is use the microphone on the iPhone … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Websites from Asking to Use Location in Firefox

how to block location requests from websites in firefox

Many of the websites and services that you use on the Internet will rely on your location in some way. Whether it's providing you with information about nearby stores or restaurants, or providing search results catered to where you are located, there … [Continue reading]

How to Stop Sharing Recently Caught Pokemon with Friends in Pokemon Go

how to stop sharing recently caught pokemon with friends in pokemon go

The addition of the Friends feature to Pokemon Go lets you send gifts to your friends, get bonuses for raiding and gym battles when your friendship level increases, and it lets you see which Pokemon they have recently caught. It's a fun way to make … [Continue reading]

How to Delete a Channel on a Roku TV

how to delete a channel on the roku tv

There are a lot of streaming channels available for your Roku TV, and you can browse through them at the Roku Channel Store. But the number of channels and the ease at which you can add them can lead to a situation where your Roku TV is either … [Continue reading]

Why Is Only Showing Some of My Emails?

why is only showing some of my emails

many email providers, like Gmail, have settings where they will automatically sort certain types of emails. if you receive a lot of emails and don't tend to read a lot of the ones that come from company newsletters or social media profiles, then this … [Continue reading]