How to Display Sheet Tabs in Excel 2010

excel 2010 options menu

Excel workbooks are actually collections of different spreadsheets that you can use to organize data within one file. But the sheet navigation at the bottom of the window takes up valuable screen real estate and, if you want that extra space to be … [Continue reading]

How to Delete Contacts on an iPhone 7 – 6 Methods

how to delete email address contacts from an iphone 7

When you find that your contact list has expanded significantly and it includes a lot of people that you aren't in touch with anymore, then you may decide that it's time to learn how to do delete contacts on your iPhone. The contacts on your … [Continue reading]

How to Remove a Password in Excel 2013

delete the password, then click the ok button

Sometimes when you are editing an Excel file you are working with sensitive information. Since anyone with access to your computer or the Excel spreadsheet would be able to view that information, it can be helpful to apply an Excel password to the … [Continue reading]

How to Merge Cells in Google Sheets

how to merge cells in google sheets

A standard cell layout in Google Sheets is going to include a series of rows and columns that contain one cell in each column for each row. But if you need a cell that spans several rows or columns at once, then you may be wondering how to merge … [Continue reading]

How to Copy Formatting in Google Docs

how to copy and paste formatting in google docs

If you have spent a lot of time getting text in part of your document to look the way you want, then you might have wondered if it was possible to copy the format you created and paste it to a different selection in the document. Fortunately you can … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Text Highlighting in Word 2013

remove text highlighting in Word 2013

A text highlight color in Microsoft Word can be a useful way to indicate that something in a Word document is important. But if your Word document includes text highlight color that you don't want, you might be struggling to figure out how to remove … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Javascript on an iPhone 7

how to enable javascript in safari on iphone 7

If you've been experiencing a problem browsing websites, then it might be because Javascript in Safari is disabled. Some people will adjust settings on their browser when they are troubleshooting or experiencing problems, and disabling Javascript in … [Continue reading]

How to Create a Text Box in Excel 2010

click the text box button

Adding text boxes in Microsoft Excel may seem odd, considering the layout of a spreadsheet and the way that the application is generally. But you can definitely encounter situations where text boxes are a preferable choice for some data or … [Continue reading]

How to Rotate a Text Box in Word 2010

click and hold the green handle

A Microsoft Word text box can be a great tool when you want to include text in a document, but regular text isn't helping you. But you can also use a text box to rotate text if you need it to be in a different direction than standard text. Your … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Grammar Check in Powerpoint 2013

check for grammar when checking spelling in powerpoint 2013

While it's likely that you have used the spell check in Powerpoint to check spelling on your slides and in your text boxes, you may want to check for more than just spelling errors. Fortunately you can also check for grammar errors by enabling an … [Continue reading]