How to Turn Off Voice Control on an iPhone 11

how to disable voice control on an iPhone 11

Your iPhone has a voice assistant called Siri that can help you to perform certain actions with your voice. But even if Siri is turned off, it's still possible that your iPhone can accept voice commands. This is because of a separate feature … [Continue reading]

How to Cut Out Part of a Picture in Powerpoint for Office 365

how to cut part of a picture in Powerpoint

While there is a tool in Windows called Paint that lets you edit pictures, many users aren't comfortable in the application, or even know that it exists. Image editing programs like Paint are helpful for performing minor edits, such as cropping a … [Continue reading]

How to Enable or Disable Memoji Stickers on an iPhone 11

how to turn off or turn on Memoji stickers on an iPhone 11

Your iPhone has an emoji keyboard that you can add by going to Settings > General > Keyboard then choosing to add the Emoji keyboard. Having this lets you send emojis to your friends from an ever growing library of different emojis. Apple keeps … [Continue reading]

How to Insert a Column in the Google Sheets iPhone App

how to add a column in the Google Sheets iPhone app

When working with data in a spreadsheet it's very common to adjust the rows or columns within that spreadsheet. We don't always know the exact layout of our data, and the need for additional rows or columns can often arise. You may already be … [Continue reading]

How to Change the Font in the Google Docs iPhone App

how to change font in Google Docs iPhone app

The Google Docs iPhone app lets you perform many of the same document editing tasks that you can perform when working with documents in a desktop or laptop's Web browser. But the change to the interface that is required with a smaller device like … [Continue reading]

How to Delete All HBO Max Downloads on an iPhone

how to delete all HBO Max downloads on an iPhone

HBO Max, like other video streaming services, provides you with the option to download movies and TV shows. These downloaded videos can be watched on the device even when you don't have an Internet connection. This lets you watch them in locations … [Continue reading]

How to Enable the Unread Message Icon in Gmail

Your Gmail account has a lot of different customization options. Some of these options let you do things like adjust the way your email is displayed or change the application's behavior, while others provide some cosmetic adjustments. One such … [Continue reading]

How to Do a Team Leader Battle in Pokemon Go

how to do a team leader battle in Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go mobile game has added a lot of new features since its release in 2016, including some different options for battling. While you can take your Great, Ultra, Master, or Premier team and play against other trainers, you also have the … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Sideloading on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

how to enable sideloading on the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K has an "Apps" tab in the main menu where you can find and install certain apps to the device. For many people, the apps that are available in that location are perfectly find to allow for the watching of popular … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off AR in Pokemon Go on an iPhone

how to turn off AR in Pokemon Go on an iPhone

The Pokemon Go game on your iPhone continuously adds new features with each new update. One of these features, called "AR" (augmented reality) provides a way for you to blend gameplay with your actual surroundings. When AR is enabled you can show … [Continue reading]