iPhone YouTube App – How to Enable Full Quality Uploads

how to enable full quality uploads in the iphone youtube app

If you often upload videos to YouTube from your iPhone, then you may find that the quality of the videos isn't as high as you would like. Fortunately you can learn how to enable full quality uploads in the iPhone YouTube app to improve the quality of … [Continue reading]

How to Delete Apps on iPhone 8

select the app to delete

Installing apps on an iPhone is one of the more fun and useful things you can do on the device. But you may be wondering how to delete apps on an iPhone 8 if you have some that you don't like or aren't using anymore. There are an incredible number … [Continue reading]

How to Sign Out of an Amazon Account on the Roku 3

select the sign out option

If you have multiple people with Amazon accounts in your household, or if you have visitors with Amazon accounts, then you may find yourself wanting to watch a movie or TV show that one person owns. Therefore it can be helpful to know how to sign out … [Continue reading]

How to Identify Business and Spam Numbers on a Google Pixel 4A

identify business and spam calls on Pixel 4A

Spam and telemarketer calls are a big problem for a lot of cell phone owners. Fortunately many mobile phones are now giving their users options to deal with them. For example, you can find out how to identify business and spam numbers on your Google … [Continue reading]

How to Remove a Page Break in Word Online

how to remove a page break in word online

There are a number of formatting objects and settings that can be difficult to manage in Word Online, but perhaps one of the most common issues involves manually-inserted breaks. If you are working in the online version of Word, then you might be … [Continue reading]

How to Send Text Messages Instead of iMessages on an iPhone

how to use text messages instead of imessage on an iphone

The difference between text messages and iMessages can be difficult to grasp, as the only indicator that there's really a difference is the color around the message in your conversation. You might need to know how to send text messages instead of … [Continue reading]

How Do I Access My Google Cloud?

how do I access my google cloud

The word "cloud" gets tossed around a lot, and can be confusing because it has so many different meanings. For example, Google has cloud storage available to every Google user in the form of Google Drive, but it also has a "Cloud" hosting feature for … [Continue reading]

How to Use the “Watch on TV” Option in the iPhone YouTube App

iphone youtube how to watch on tv

As the technology on our home electronics improves, many of them can start to integrate with one another. You have likely already connected your phone to certain devices, such as Alexa-enabled ones, but you might also be curious about how to link … [Continue reading]

How to Create an Outlook Email Template in Outlook 2013

enter file name

Trying to incorporate efficiency into your work life can be difficult. However, there are ways to automate or simplify some of the tasks that you perform on a regular basis. For example, creating an email template in Outlook can save you some time if … [Continue reading]

How to Delete an AOL Email Account from an iPhone

how to delete an aol email account from the iphone

Your iPhone allows you to add multiple email accounts to your device, so it's possible that you have several that you have accumulated over the years. But you may be wondering how to delete an AOL account from your iPhone if you aren't using it … [Continue reading]