How to Show Your Most Used Apps on the Start Screen in Windows 10

windows 10 most used apps

You probably have a lot of programs installed on your Windows 10 computer, but it's likely that some of those programs get used much more often than others. You can create desktop shortcuts or add a button in the taskbar for some of these programs, … [Continue reading]

How to Block Attachments, Pictures and Links from Unknown Senders in

only accept attachments and links from safe senders in

Some of the most dangerous spam email that you receive will contain attachments and links. These types of emails are typically meant to either steal your personal information or download a virus on your computer, so it's important to be vigilant when … [Continue reading]

How to Change Battery Saver Threshold in Windows 10

windows 100 battery saver threshold

While laptop batteries have been increasing in their capacity for a few years, it's still very likely that you will experience a low battery level at some point or another. When this happens and you aren't able to plug in your charger, then you might … [Continue reading]

How to Change Your Double Click Mouse Speed in Windows 10

windows 10 changemouse double click speed

The double-click of the mouse for Windows users is something that often becomes second-nature over time. Since we need to use it so often to open a folder or a file, it's basically an unconscious reflex when it needs to be used. But some people … [Continue reading]

How to Change Mouse Pointer Speed in Windows 10

how to change mouse pointer speed in windows 10

When you use a computer a lot, you get into a groove where you are used to things working a certain way. When something is slightly off, it can be very noticeable. One situation where this could happen is with the mouse that you are using. If you … [Continue reading]

How to Turn Off the Touchpad When a Mouse is Connected in Windows 10

windows 10 disable touchpad when mouse connected

The touchpad on your Windows 10 laptop can serve as a functional mouse that lets you navigate your computer without actually having a physical mouse, whether it's wired or wireless. But you may occasionally connect a mouse to your laptop, and you … [Continue reading]

How to Change Touchpad Scroll Direction in Windows 10

how to hange touchpad scrolling direction in windows 10

Your Windows 10 laptop touchpad has a number of features that allow you to interact with it in useful ways. Many of these features can be beneficial in making the laptop easier to use without a mouse, including an option to scroll through programs … [Continue reading]

How to Always Show Scroll Bars on a Mac

keep scroll bars visible on mac

You can often scroll in programs on your Mac by simply using the trackpad to scroll. While this can be handy, some Mac users dislike this behavior and don't use it very often. In situations like this, you may be looking for an alternate way to … [Continue reading]

How to Enable Amazon Biometric Authorization on an iPhone

how to use your fingerprint or touch id in amazon iphone app

The ability to unlock your iPhone with your fingerprint or even your face is something that has become more and more common on smartphones. The iPhone has had it available for a few years, and some third-party apps have starting taking advantage of … [Continue reading]

How to Change Units for the iPhone Measure App

switch imerial metric measure iphone

Your iPhone has an interesting feature called Measure that makes it possible for you to measure objects that you encounter in real life. This is made possible by the Camera app, and it's something that can come in handy if you are looking for an easy … [Continue reading]