how to apply styles in Word 2013

How to Apply Styles in Word 2013

Getting the right formatting combination in a Microsoft Word document can be difficult, especially if you need to meet some specific requirements. Rather than re-applying all of those settings each time, however, you can elect to take advantage of the “Styles” option in the application. Our tutorial will show you how to apply styles in … Read more

how to password protect a Word 2013 document

How to Password Protect a Word 2013 Document

Word documents can often include information that shouldn’t be given to strangers, or people with malicious intent. But laptops get stolen and computers get hacked, so it’s useful to include a password on your important documents to give them a little more protection. Our tutorial below with show you how to password protect a Word … Read more

stop showing the start screen when you launch Word 2013

How to Stop Showing the Start Screen in Word 2013

When you open Microsoft Word 2013, you may know exactly what you want to do. If that involves creating a new document, then you might dislike having to navigate away from the screen that Word displays instead. Our tutorial on how to stop showing the Start screen in Word 2013 continues below with information on … Read more

two spaces after period on word 2013

How to Add Two Spaces After Period in Word 2013

If you have preferences about the spacing in your document, or your school or organization requires specific settings, then you might need to update something in Microsoft Word. It’s likely that your Word documents only have one space after a period by default. Fortunately our how to add two spaces after period in Word tutorial … Read more

How to Insert a Check Mark Symbol in a Word Document

How to Insert a Check Mark in Word 2013

While your Microsoft Word documents may often be things that contain a lot of words or numbers for school or work, you may occasionally need to create something that needs some symbols or pictures in it. One of the more commonly-needed symbols is a check mark, such as when you are including a checklist in … Read more

How to Make Periods Bigger in Microsoft Word

Some fonts have a big impact on the way that punctuation looks. Occasionally this can make those characters too small, to the point where they may be tough to see. Our tutorial will show you how to increase just the size of the periods that you have in your Microsoft Word document. How to Change … Read more