How to Remove Text Highlighting in Word 2013

A text highlight color in Microsoft Word can be a useful way to indicate that something in a Word document is important. But if your Word document includes text highlight color that you don’t want, you might be struggling to figure out how to remove highlighting from that text. Some Microsoft Word users will choose […]

How to Double Space in Word 2013

Microsoft Word includes a “Normal” template that has some default formatting options. It’s often necessary to change these options for a document, so you may need to learn how to double space in Word 2013. There are a couple of options that can help to make a paper created in Microsoft Word 2013 easier to […]

How to Remove a Watermark in Word 2013

There are some uncommon document formatting options that you may encounter in Microsoft Word, which can be difficult to delete. One such option is a watermark, which can appear in the background of the document. Therefore you may be wondering how to delete a watermark in Microsoft Word. Watermarks in Microsoft Word provide a simple way […]

How to Do a Word Count in Word 2013

Manually counting words in a document can be frustrating, tedious, and is generally something that many people won’t want to do. So you may be wondering how to do a word count in Word 2013 using a simpler or more automated method. The word count of a document is often an important characteristic when you […]

How to Find and Replace Text in Word 2013

Sometimes you may use a word incorrectly, or you might use the wrong term or name. Or perhaps you have a document template and need to change a word that is repeated throughout it. These occasions are perfect situations to learn how to find and replace text in Word 2013. Microsoft Word 2013 provides you […]

How to Remove the Page Number from the First Page in Word 2013

Page numbers are helpful for remembering where you have left off when reading, or when you need to reference something to someone else. But if you are creating a document and don’t want or need a number on the title page, then you may be wondering how to remove a page number from the first […]

How to Make the Header Smaller in Word 2013

Your school or organization likely has some specific formatting settings that you need to follow. Some of these are easier to adjust than others, especially if you need to make the header smaller in Word 2013. The header section of a Word document will typically contain some combination of information like your page numbers, name, […]

How to Flip a Picture in Word 2013

Often when you add a picture to a document, such as Microsoft Word, then the document might not look right. This can leave you wondering how to flip a picture in Word 2013. You might need to learn how to flip an image in Word if you have a picture, but it is a mirror […]

How to Turn On Automatic Spell Check in Word 2013

In this digital age many people have come to rely on applications and devices to perform certain actions, such as fixing words that aren’t spelled correctly. Therefore you might need to learn how to turn on automatic spell check in Word 2013 if the application isn’t doing it already. Word 2013 has a number of […]

How to Change the Default Font in Word 2013

Microsoft Word has a set of default options that it uses for new documents that you create. Among these options is the font that is used for the text you type. Fortunately you can learn how to change the default font in Word 2013 if you want to use something other than the default option. […]