How to Single Space in Microsoft Word

How to Single Space in Word for Office 365

While you might have experience changing the formatting for your Word documents to meet the requirements for your school or job, you might encounter a situation where you need to use different settings. Microsoft Word is full of different tools and menus that let you customize your document, and line spacing is something that you … Read more

how to double space in google docs

How to Double Space on Google Docs – iPad, iPhone, and Desktop

Google Docs is a popular choice for document editing because it’s free, and allows you to seamlessly work with your documents across a number of different devices. If you have started using Google docs for the documents that you create for school or work, then it’s likely that you will need to use some specific … Read more

line spacing after a paragraph in google docs

Google Docs Space After Paragraph – How to Add or Remove

While the amount of line spacing in Google Docs is often a single setting that you adjust to meet the requirements or your school or workplace, it’s possible that you need to change other settings as well. One such setting, called paragraph spacing, involves spacing that can appear before or after a single paragraph, or … Read more