How to Single Space in Microsoft Word

How to Single Space in Word for Office 365

While you might have experience changing the formatting for your Word documents to meet the requirements for your school or job, you might encounter a situation where you need to use different settings. Microsoft Word is full of different tools and menus that let you customize your document, and line spacing is something that you … Read more

how to bottom align in Microsoft Word

How to Bottom Align in Microsoft Word for Office 365

If you’ve ever pressed Enter a bunch of times to move text to the bottom of the page in a Word document, then aren’t alone. Many Word users will take this approach since there isn’t an obvious way to position text at the bottom of a document. But this can cause problems later, as each … Read more

how to change font of page numbers in Word

How to Change Font of Page Numbers in Word

If you’ve modified the font in a Microsoft Word document then you have likely selected the text that you want to change, then chosen the font, font size, or font color that you wanted to use. Maybe you’ve even explored using cursive fonts in Word to see if that was what you wanted. This method … Read more