remove a split screen in excel 2010

How to Remove a Split Screen in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel has several different viewing options that you can pick from when you are editing your spreadsheets. The correct view is the one that makes it the easiest for you to see the information that is important to you while allowing you to comfortably navigate the application’s interface. But if there is a split … Read more

how to copy a worksheet in excel 2010

How to Move a Worksheet Between Workbooks in Excel 2010

Copying and pasting data between Excel worksheets, or even different workbooks, is a great way to work efficiently. Occasionally, however, you may have an entire worksheet that you would like to use in multiple Excel workbooks. Our how to move a worksheet between workbooks in Excel 2010 tutorial below will show you a quick and … Read more

How to Strike Through in Excel 2010

How to Strike Through in Excel 2010

Text formatting comes in a variety of options. You’ve probably changed a font or font color before, which is an effective way to adjust the appearance of content. These font options are available in Microsoft Excel as well, and there are even more styles that you can apply to some of the text in your … Read more

How to Remove Strikethrough in Excel

How to Remove Strikethrough in Excel 2010

Many applications offer you a variety of different ways to change the appearance of your text. You’ve probably done things like bold text or underline text in the past, but there is another type of styling called “strikethrough” that draws a horizontal line through the text. If you see some of this in your spreadsheet … Read more

click the list option

How to Create a Drop-Down List in Excel 2010

A spreadsheet with a lot of typos can be tough to work with, so reducing those types of errors is important. A dropdown list is an effective way to manage this. Our tutorial below will show you how to add one to your Excel spreadsheet. Creating a drop down list in Excel 2010 is something … Read more

how view google calendar file excel

How to View a Google Calendar File in Excel

Google usually provides data in a format that is compatible with other applications. You might have already found that you can download Docs files to Word, or Sheets files to Excel, but the compatibility doesn’t end with the Googe productivity apps. You can also export your Google Calendar information so that you can view or … Read more

uncheck the show sheet right to left option

Why is My Worksheet Backwards in Excel 2010?

Microsoft Excel has a couple of different potential layouts, though many people will only ever see one. A layout option that can be really confusing involves a complete reversal of the spreadsheet layout. If you have a spreadsheet with Excel columns backwards and row numbers on the right side, then our tutorial below can show … Read more

how to unfreeze the top row in excel 2010

How to Unfreeze the Top Row in Excel 2010

If you have previously frozen the top row of your spreadsheet so that it was easier to identify the data in your cells, then you might be finished working on the spreadsheet. But if you are worried that less experienced Excel users might be confused about that frozen row, then you may want to unlock … Read more