how to remove a page break in excel 2010

How to Remove Page Break in Excel 2010

An Excel spreadsheet, like other documents that you might create in Microsoft Office programs such as Word or Powerpoint, will print as much information on one page as it can. One way around this is to use page breaks to force content onto a new page. But you might need to know how to remove … Read more

how to print on legal paper in excel 2010

How to Print on Legal Paper in Excel 2010

Print settings are often an afterthought when working with data in Excel, but it can quickly turn into a headache when you print your spreadsheet and discover that nothing is right. You might not have any lines between cells, data might be cutting off and going on to its own page, and you may even … Read more

how to remove page numbers in excel 2010

How to Remove Page Numbers in Excel 2010

One useful thing that you can do when working with Excel worksheets that are going to print on multiple sheets of paper is to ensure that those pages are numbered. This will make it easy to re-establish the page order in case the pages ever wind up in the wrong order. It can also help … Read more

click the text box button

How to Make a Text Box in Excel 2010

Adding text boxes in Microsoft Excel may seem odd, considering the layout of a spreadsheet and the way that the application is generally. But you can definitely encounter situations where text boxes are a preferable choice for some data or information. The ability to move the text box alone can make it appealing, and you … Read more

how to view the ruler in excel 2010

How to Show Ruler in Excel 2010

While your primary concern when working with data in an Excel spreadsheet may be ensuring that the data is correct, you may also need to consider its physical size. This can be tough to visualize on the screen, which could leave you looking for a way to add an on screen ruler. When you are … Read more