click the text box button

How to Make a Text Box in Excel 2010

Adding text boxes in Microsoft Excel may seem odd, considering the layout of a spreadsheet and the way that the application is generally. But you can definitely encounter situations where text boxes are a preferable choice for some data or information. The ability to move the text box alone can make it appealing, and you … Read more

how to view the ruler in excel 2010

How to Show Ruler in Excel 2010

While your primary concern when working with data in an Excel spreadsheet may be ensuring that the data is correct, you may also need to consider its physical size. This can be tough to visualize on the screen, which could leave you looking for a way to add an on screen ruler. When you are … Read more

uncheck the show sheet tabs option

How to Hide Sheet Tabs in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel separates its worksheets via a tab system that you can find at the bottom of the window. Use these steps to hide sheet tabs in Excel 2010. Open your Excel file. Click File at the top-left. Select Options at the bottom-left. Choose the Advanced tab. Click the box to the left of Show … Read more

how view google calendar file excel

How to View a Google Calendar File in Excel

Google Calendar is a great app that you can use on your computer, phone, and tablet. By simply signing into your Google account on multiple devices you can manage your calendar and get alerts when you have an upcoming event. But you may wish to backup or otherwise interact with your Google Calendar in Microsoft … Read more