uncheck the show sheet tabs option

How to Hide Tabs in Excel 2010

Being able to edit a visible property for one of your cells or worksheets in Microsoft Excel typically involves switching between the different tabs on the ribbon at the top of the window. There are a lot of tools and options on those menus that will typically allow you to achieve your desired result. But … Read more

position your mouse at the bottom-right corner

How to Fill Column With Same Value in Excel 2010

It’s possible that you have already noticed how often the mouse cursor can change as you hover over various parts of your spreadsheet. These cursor changes typically indicate that there is some specific action or feature of Excel that is available if you click on the location. One such instance involves an autofill feature that … Read more

disable the auto fill options button in excel 2010

How to Turn Off Autofill in Excel 2010

Taking advantage of the various convenience features in applications like Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel is a great way to make yourself more efficient. One of the options that you will find in Microsoft Excel 2010 is an “autofill” button that appears when you paste content into your cells. While the assorted options that are … Read more

smaller image of blank Excel worksheet

What is the Difference Between a Workbook and a Worksheet in Excel 2010?

Have you seen the terms “worksheet” and “workbook” a lot when reading about Microsoft Excel? They may seem like the same thing, or at least fairly similar, but they have some important differences. A workbook in Microsoft Excel is the entire file and can contain worksheets inside of it. A worksheet is each individual tab … Read more

right click and insert cut cells

How to Move a Row in Excel 2010

Learning how to move a row in Excel 2010 is a good way to quickly adjust the layout of the data in an Excel worksheet. Data isn’t always in its ideal spot when you first add it to a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2010, so it is not uncommon to need to move it around. … Read more

formula bar is displayed

How to Unhide Formula Bar in Excel 2010

Knowing exactly what you are working on is critical in Microsoft Excel, especially when you are adjusting a formula. One way to make this a bit easier is to remove the formula bar and maximize workspace on the screen. But if you have previously hidden the formula bar and now need to unhide it, then … Read more

click the delete background button

How to Remove an Excel 2010 Watermark

While there is no direct way to add a watermark in Excel, there are a variety of alternatives, including header and footer tools, basic image tools, and other options that you can use to create your own watermarks in an Excel workbook. But if you need to know how to remove an Excel 2010 watermark … Read more

how to change page margins in excel 2010

How to Change Page Margins in Excel 2010

Microsoft Office users often have experience with changing page margins in their documents, although that experience is likely with Microsoft Word rather than Microsoft Excel. Many schools and organizations have strict document requirements, and document page margins are often a part of those requirements. But you can change your page margins in Microsoft Excel, too, … Read more

how to find the sum of a row in Excel 2010

How to Find a Row Sum in Excel 2010

If you haven’t used the formulas that Microsoft Excel provides then you may not realize just how powerful the application can be. While its formatting and sorting options can be helpful in evaluating data, there is a lot that you can accomplish when you start entering formulas into your cells to find values and determine … Read more