Fill a Selection of Cells With the Same Value in Excel 2010

It is very common when working with spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel to have one value that repeats among a high number of cells. Whether it is a price that is common to a high number of products, or simply putting the number “0” into a lot of cells that do not have a value, you […]

How to Change the Print Resolution in Excel 2010

The print resolution that is specified by a document or image on your computer can have a big impact on both the quality of the printed page, and the speed at which the print job completes. Higher dpi print jobs will generally take longer and use more ink than jobs performed at a low dpi, […]

How to Indent in Excel 2010

Last updated: March 26, 2019 When the cells in a Microsoft Excel worksheet are nearly filled with similar data, it can be difficult to read and understand the information contained in those cells. One way to help with this problem is to increase the amount of white space that separates the data in individual cells. […]

How to Zoom in on a Selection in Excel 2010

When you really want to focus on a specific part of a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel 2010, it can be hard to concentrate because of the other data that remains in view. Sure, you can always hide certain rows and columns so that they are still part of the spreadsheet, but not visible, but this […]

How to Display the Document Panel in Excel 2010

File that you create in Microsoft Office programs, such as Microsoft Excel, include information that describes the file. This information is called metadata, and can include information such as the name of the author, a title for the document, a subject, keywords, and more. Many of these fields are left blank by default, but they […]

How to Select the Cells Containing Formulas in Excel 2010

When you discover an error in Microsoft Excel, and that error is part of a formula, then the level of difficulty in resolving the problem can vary greatly. Hopefully it is as simple as checking all of the data for a number that was entered incorrectly. Unfortunately, however, you might be working with formulas that […]

How to Add a Page Break in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel 2010 will automatically include page breaks in your printed worksheet based on your paper size and margins. Unfortunately these page breaks do not always occur at the best location for the purposes of your data, so you may find that you need to manually add some page breaks to make your spreadsheet easier […]

What is the Difference Between a Worksheet and a Workbook in Excel 2010

We have written a lot about Microsoft Excel 2010 at, and we try our best to make concepts as easy to understand as possible. However, we often need to reference certain elements of your Excel file, which can be difficult to do without using the proper terminology. One common distinction that we make is […]

How to Remove Cell Borders in Excel 2010

Last updated: April 17, 2019 A new, blank worksheet in Microsoft Excel consists of a series of cells that are split into rows and columns. You can visually distinguish these cells from one another thanks to the gridlines that separate them. However, if you add a fill color to your cells, or if the gridlines […]

How to Stop Printing Gridlines in Excel 2010

A worksheet that you print in Microsoft Excel 2010 will not include gridlines by default. However, many people adjust the settings of their worksheets to include printed gridlines because it can make them much easier to read. But not every spreadsheet needs gridlines and, depending upon your preferences when using Excel 2010, you may wish to […]