uncheck the show sheet right to left option

Why is My Worksheet Backwards in Excel 2010?

Microsoft Excel has a couple of different potential layouts, though many people will only ever see one. A layout option that can be really confusing involves a complete reversal of the spreadsheet layout. If you have a spreadsheet with Excel columns backwards and row numbers on the right side, then our tutorial below can show … Read more

how to unfreeze the top row in excel 2010

How to Unfreeze the Top Row in Excel 2010

If you have previously frozen the top row of your spreadsheet so that it was easier to identify the data in your cells, then you might be finished working on the spreadsheet. But if you are worried that less experienced Excel users might be confused about that frozen row, then you may want to unlock … Read more

select a sheet, then click OK

How to Unhide a Worksheet in Excel 2010

Did you previously hide a worksheet because it contained important information that you didn’t want anyone to edit? Or perhaps you simply have too many worksheets in one of your workbooks and wanted to make it easier to find the sheets that you needed. Regardless of your reasoning, you may find that you need to … Read more

how to automatically insert a decimal point in excel 2010

How to Automatically Insert Decimal Point in Excel 2010

If you spend a lot of time in Microsoft Excel then you have probably either forgotten to include a decimal point at some point, or you have worked with data where one was missing. While these mistakes are often easy to catch, they can also be simple to overlook. One way to reduce potential errors … Read more

a simple guide to better printing in excel 2010

Excel Print Guide – Changing Important Print Settings in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel is a great way to manage and edit large amounts of data. The row and column structure, combined with all of the different formulas and comparison tools make it one of the more useful applications that you will use in school or work. But one area where people have difficulty with Excel involves … Read more

click the page layout tab

Why Isn’t My Entire Spreadsheet Printing in Excel 2010?

If you have finished creating or editing a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and then gone to print it out, you might find that it hasn’t printed all of the rows. Excel is notoriously difficult to print from, but often those issues are related to the spreadsheet not fitting properly on the page, or not including … Read more