How Do You Add Page Numbers in Excel 2010

An Excel spreadsheet that is printed with the default settings can be a bit of a nightmare to use.

It is probably lacking gridlines, might have some unfortunate clipping that leads to disconnected cells, and becomes very difficult to read once you get to the second page.

While there are several ways that you can improve this situation, one simple but effective measure is to add page numbers.

By putting page numbers in Excel 2010 worksheets you can create a basic navigational system that will be beneficial to your reader if the pages of the spreadsheet are ever disassembled.

So continue reading below to learn how to add page numbers to your Excel 2010 spreadsheet.

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How to Insert Page Numbers in Excel 2010

Many people that use Microsoft Excel as well as Microsoft Word won’t ever need to explore all of the different header options that are often so critical in Word.

Spreadsheet printing is much more important in the business world than it is in the high schools and colleges, where proper document layouts are more heavily stressed for Word than they are for Excel.

But anyone that has had to manage a large, poorly-formatted Excel spreadsheet knows that elements like page numbers can be very helpful for keeping everything in order. So continue reading below to learn how to print page numbers in Excel 2010.

**I am adding page numbers to the header for this tutorial, but you could also follow the directions to add page numbers to the footer as well.**

Step 1: Open the spreadsheet to which you want to add page numbers in Excel 2010.

Step 2: Click the Insert tab at the top of the window.

click the insert tab

Step 3: Click the Header & Footer icon in the Text section of the ribbon at the top of the window.

click the header and footer icon

Step 4: Click the header section to which you want to add the page number. In the image below, for example, I have selected the top-right part of the header.

select the location for your page numbers

Step 5: Click the Page Number icon in the Header & Footer Elements section of the ribbon. You only need to do this on one page. Header and footer elements are applied to every page, so the page numbering will take effect on its’ own.

how to add page numbers in excel 2010

You can see in the image below that this is going to add the text &[Page] to that segment of the header.

example of added page numbers

When you go to print the document or view it in Print Preview, it will display the page numbers in the location that you specified.

We have previously written about other ways to customize the appearance of printed Excel spreadsheets. For example, printing the top row on every page in Excel 2010 is a helpful tip for multi-page documents,as is printing gridlines.

Now that you know how to add page numbers in Excel 2010 you can make it much easier to find specific pages of a printed spreadsheet, especially if those pages get separated.

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