How to Put the Worksheet Name in the Footer of an Excel 2010 Worksheet

If you have ever printed a lot of different similar-looking reports, then you know how helpful it can be to have those reports include identifying information in the header or footer.

You can also identify different worksheets within an Excel file by changing their worksheet names.

If you would like to include your worksheet name in the footer of your spreadsheet, then Excel provides a means for you to do so.

Our guide below will show you how to edit the footer of your worksheet and add a special bit of text which will automatically add the worksheet name to the footer of the printed page.

This will make it much easier to identify printed pages from Excel files.

Printing the Worksheet Name in the Footer in Excel 2010

The steps in this article are going to add the name of your worksheet to the footer of that worksheet. Note that this same method can also be applied to the header instead of the footer.

If you do not wish for your worksheet name to be Sheet1, Sheet2, etc, then you can edit the name of the worksheet by following the steps in this article.

Step 1: Open your file in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Step 2: Click the Insert tab at the top of the window.

click the insert tab

Step 3: Click the Header & Footer button in the Text section of the Office ribbon.

click the header & footer button

Step 4: Click the section of your footer where you wish to add the worksheet name. I am adding it to the right section of the footer.

select the footer section

Step 5: Click the Design tab under Header & Footer Tools at the top of the window.

click the design tab

Step 6: Click the Sheet Name button in the Header & Footer Elements section of the Office ribbon.

click the sheet name button

The text &[Tab] should now be displayed in the footer section of the worksheet.

Now that you know how to put the worksheet name in the footer of an Excel 2010 worksheet, you can use this option to easily include that information on any spreadsheet that you print.

Is there information in the footer section of your Excel worksheet, and you want to remove all of it? Read this guide and learn how to delete existing footer information from your spreadsheet.

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