How to Change a Worksheet Name in Excel 2010

Splitting data up into individual worksheets in a Microsoft Excel file is an efficient way to organize information.

It also prevents you from needing to work with multiple files when dealing with related data.

But when you have multiple worksheets in a workbook, it can be difficult to distinguish between them using Excel’s default naming structure of Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, etc.

Fortunately, you are not stuck with those names for your worksheets, and you can use custom names for them.

Our article below will show you the steps to take to start using your own names for the worksheets in your Excel file.

Changing the Name of a Worksheet in Excel 2010

The steps below will change the name of one of the worksheets in your Microsoft Excel workbook. If you are unable to see the sheet tabs in your workbook, then they may be hidden. This article will show you how to unhide your worksheet tabs in Excel 2010.

If you have formulas that reference a cell in the worksheet that you are renaming, the formulas will update automatically to accommodate the change.

If the formulas do not update automatically, then automatic calculation may be turned off.

You can adjust this by clicking the Formulas tab at the top of the window, then clicking Calculation Options and selecting Automatic. Additionally, you can do a manual recalculation by pressing F9 on your keyboard.

Step 1: Open your file in Excel 2010.

Step 2: Right-click the worksheet tab at the bottom of the window that you wish to rename, then select the Rename option. If the worksheet tab is hidden, then this guide will show you how to unhide it.

right-click the worksheet tab, then click rename

Step 3: Type the new name for the worksheet, then press the Enter key on your keyboard. Note that the length of the worksheet name is limited to 31 characters.

type the new worksheet name

Now that you know how to change a worksheet name in Excel 2010, you can make navigation within your workbook a little easier.

Do you have a cell in your worksheet that contains a lot of formatting, and you would like to apply that formatting to other cells in the worksheet? Click here and learn how to copy and paste cell formatting in Excel 2010.

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