How to Exit Full Screen View in Excel 2010

Excel 2010 has a number of different view options that are meant to make the spreadsheet easier to work with in specific situations.

One of the view options is “Full Screen” and it will change the Excel window so that your spreadsheet is taking up the entirety of your screen.

This is helpful if you are simply entering data into the sheet, but it eliminates the ribbon at the top of the window, which will restrict your access to many of the features and settings that you use on a regular basis.

You likely entered into Full Screen view by clicking the Full Screen option on the View tab of the worksheet, as shown in the image below.

how to exit full screen view in excel 2010

This results in a change to the window where it looks like the image below (click the image for an expanded view) –

excel 2010 in full screen view mode

While this may initially seem problematic, it’s actually pretty easy to fix. Simply press the Esc key at the top-left corner of your keyboard to return to the Excel view that you were using before it got switch to Full Screen.

Now that you know how to exit full screen view in Excel 2010, you can use this option to toggle back and forth between these different view modes as needed.

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