How to Change the Row Height for Multiple Rows in Excel 2010

If you are working on a spreadsheet with a lot of rows that contain different information, it can make it easier to read if you change the height of a few rows. But if you want to keep things uniform, especially on a spreadsheet that is being printed, some data can get overlooked if it is in between some larger rows. One way to avoid this is to set the height of multiple rows to the same size. While it can be tedious to do this individually for each row, it is possible to set the height of multiple rows at the same time.


Set Multiple Rows to the Same Height in Excel 2010

I mostly use this trick when I am printing out something that needs to be written on, such as a checklist. The default row height in Excel is very small, and is usually difficult for writing. But if you follow the steps below to make your rows larger, it makes for a much handier checklist.


Step 1: Open your spreadsheet in Excel 2010.


Step 2: Click the number to the left of the first row whose height you want to change, then drag your mouse down to select the rest of the rows.

select the rows for which you want to change the height



Step 3: Right-click one of the selected rows, then click the Row Height option.

select the row height option



Step 4: Enter a value into the Row height field, then click the OK button.

how to change the height for multiple rows in excel 2010



Your selected rows will change to the height that you just entered, as in the image below.

example of edited row heights



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