How to Remove Cell Borders in Excel 2010

Last updated: April 17, 2019 A new, blank worksheet in Microsoft Excel consists of a series of cells that are split into rows and columns. You can visually distinguish these cells from one another thanks to the gridlines that separate them. However, if you add a fill color to your cells, or if the gridlines […]

How to Stop Printing Gridlines in Excel 2010

A worksheet that you print in Microsoft Excel 2010 will not include gridlines by default. However, many people adjust the settings of their worksheets to include printed gridlines because it can make them much easier to read. But not every spreadsheet needs gridlines and, depending upon your preferences when using Excel 2010, you may wish to […]

How to Unhide a Hidden Workbook in Excel 2010

Microsoft Excel windows can easily become cluttered, which can make it difficult to concentrate on the task you are trying to complete. One way to alleviate some of this confusion is to hide some of the elements that you do not need. Whether this means certain rows or columns, or even entire worksheets and workbooks, […]

How to Print Titles in Excel 2010

A common way to format a spreadsheet is to include a row of cells at the top or a column of cells at the left of the spreadsheet that identify the type of information that will be contained in those cells. This allows for a structured data layout that is easy for anyone viewing the […]

How to Use R1C1 Reference Style in Excel 2010

If you have ever run into issues with cell references in Excel formulas, then you may be looking for another way to use them. Or if you used Excel 2010 on another computer at work or school and found that the other version of Excel used numbers for both the rows and the columns, and […]

How to Remove Strikethrough in Excel 2010

Last updated: December 16, 2016 The strikethrough effect in Microsoft Excel 2010 is helpful when you wish to indicate that information in a cell should be ignored, yet you do not want to delete that information. But the strikethrough effect can be distracting, especially when it is used a lot, and the effect remains applied […]

How to Create a Text Box in Excel 2010

Excel 2010’s system of cells provides for an efficient way to organize and manipulate your data. But occasionally you may be using Excel for a purpose that requires certain data to be placed in a text box instead of a cell. Text boxes are very versatile, and you can adjust both their appearance and location […]

How to Remove a Border from a Text Box in Excel 2010

When you create a new text box in your Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheet, it will have a border. Typically this border is dark grey, and serves to identify the separation between where the text box ends, and the worksheet begins. But if you are using a text box in a manner that requires it to […]

How to Select Draft Quality Printing in Excel 2010

Highly customized spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel often go through several different versions before they are finalized and ready to be used or seen by their intended audience. The process of finalizing a worksheet can often include adjustments or revisions that are easiest to make when the spreadsheet is viewed on paper, rather than on a […]

How to Unhide Column “A” in Excel 2010

Unhiding the first column, or column “A” in an Excel spreadsheet presents a unique challenge. The typical method for unhiding a column will not apply when the column that is hidden is the leftmost one in the worksheet. An alternative would be to simply unhide all of the columns that are hidden in the spreadsheet, […]