How to View a Google Calendar File in Excel

Google Calendar is a great app that you can use on your computer, phone, and tablet. By simply signing into your Google account on multiple devices you can manage your calendar and get alerts when you have an upcoming event.

But you may wish to backup or otherwise interact with your Google Calendar in Microsoft Excel, and the prospect of manually re-creating all of your appointments may seem daunting. Fortunately you are able to export your Google Calendar file as a .ics file, which you can then open in Microsoft Excel.

How to Open a Google Calendar .ics File in Microsoft Excel

The steps in this article were performed in Microsoft Excel 2010, but will work in other versions of Excel as well. Note that this is going to put your Google Calendar file into Excel, but the date and time formatting for it can be a little difficult to work with. You might have better luck by first importing the calendar to Outlook, then exporting the calendar from Outlook to a CSV file (this article is specifically about exporting contacts from Outlook, but the process is the same for a calendar and contacts. You just choose the “Calendar” option instead of “Contacts”.)

Step 1: Go to your Google Calendar at

Step 2: Click the menu button to the right of the calendar you want to view in Excel, then choose the Settings and sharing option.

export google calendar

Step 3: Click the Export Calendar option, which will save a .zip file of the calendar to your computer.

export google calendar file for excel

Step 4: Browse to the exported calendar file, right click it, then choose the Extract All option.

extract the zipped google calendar file

Step 5: Open Microsoft Excel.

Step 6: Click the File tab at the top-left corner of the window, then choose the Open option and browse to the folder with your exported Google Calendar file.

open a file in excel

Step 7: Click the All Excel Files dropdown menu at the bottom-right of the window, then choose the All Files option.

select the all files option

Step 8: Select the Google Calendar file, then click the Open button.

select google calendar file

Step 9: Confirm that the Delimited option is checked at the top of the window, then click the Next button.

opening google calendar ics file in excel

Step 10: Check the box to the left of Tab, then click the Finish button.

how view google calendar file excel

As mentioned above, you might like the results better if you import the Google Calendar to Outlook first, then export the calendar to a CSV file from Outlook (this article is about exporting contacts from Outlook, but it’s basically the same process). I have found this format to be much better for me personally, and it’s possible that you may prefer the result of that process more.

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