What Does Strikethrough Mean

What Does Strikethrough Mean?

When you are trying to make a change to the appearance of text in a document, you will find yourself navigating through various menus in the application. Some of the formatting options you find will be obvious and self-explanatory, while others can be confusing. One such item that you might not be familiar with is … Read more

How to Strike Through in Excel 2010

How to Strike Through in Excel 2010

Text formatting comes in a variety of options. You’ve probably changed a font or font color before, which is an effective way to adjust the appearance of content. These font options are available in Microsoft Excel as well, and there are even more styles that you can apply to some of the text in your … Read more

How to Remove Strikethrough in Excel

How to Remove Strikethrough in Excel 2010

Many applications offer you a variety of different ways to change the appearance of your text. You’ve probably done things like bold text or underline text in the past, but there is another type of styling called “strikethrough” that draws a horizontal line through the text. If you see some of this in your spreadsheet … Read more

how to remove strikethrough in google sheets

How to Remove Strikethrough in Google Sheets

Some formatting options will have a minimal amount of effect on the appearance of data. For example, changing the font size or using a different font may not make the text any more or less readable. But if you draw a line through some of your text, it’s possible that some people might have trouble … Read more

how to strikethrough in google docs

How to Remove Strikethrough in Google Docs (A Simple 4 Step Guide)

By incorporating some of the less-commonly used features of word processing applications, it’s possible to achieve exactly what you want with your document. So you may find yourself in a situation where you need to know how to remove strikethrough in Google Docs. If you find that you often have part of a document that … Read more

how to strikethrough text in Outlook

How to Strikethrough Text in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers many of the same editing features that you will find in its document editor, Microsoft Word. This includes things like bold, italic, and underline, but it also means that you can use strikethrough in Outlook. How to Strikethrough Outlook Text Your text should now look something like the image below. Note that … Read more