How to Use Private Browsing in the Microsoft Edge iPhone App

How to Switch Between Regular and Private Mode in Microsoft Edge on an iPhone

Like the Web browsers that you use on your computer, most popular iPhone Web browsers will let you create private browsing sessions. Microsoft Edge on the iPhone has its own private mode called “InPrivate Browsing” that you can use when you don’t want the browser to save your history. The steps in this guide will … Read more

move the quick access toolbar in outlook 2013

How to Move the Quick Access Toolbar Below the Ribbon in Outlook 2013

When you are accustomed to utilizing the convenience features in an application, changes to their location can be frustrating. Or, if the current location is somewhere that you might click accidentally, or have trouble accessing, you might be looking for a different option. The Microsoft Outlook Quick Access toolbar is located above the navigational ribbon … Read more

how to display a zero instead of #n/a in excel 2013 vlookup formula

How to Display a “0” Instead of #N/A When Using VLOOKUP in Excel 2013

The VLOOKUP formula in Microsoft Excel is one of the most efficient ways to find data in spreadsheets. Along with the concatenate formula, I have found it to be one of the more useful tools in Excel. It can save an incredible amount of time when compared to manually searching for cell data, and has … Read more

how to strikethrough text in Outlook

How to Strikethrough Text in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook offers many of the same editing features that you will find in its document editor, Microsoft Word. This includes things like bold, italic, and underline, but it also means that you can use strikethrough in Outlook. How to Strikethrough Outlook Text Your text should now look something like the image below. Note that … Read more