click the list option

How to Create a Drop-Down List in Excel 2010

A spreadsheet with a lot of typos can be tough to work with, so reducing those types of errors is important. A dropdown list is an effective way to manage this. Our tutorial below will show you how to add one to your Excel spreadsheet. Creating a drop down list in Excel 2010 is something … Read more

how to remove the first character from a cell in excel 2013

How to Remove First Character in Excel 2013 Cell

Microsoft Excel includes a lot of tools that can help you quickly manage your data. Some of these are things that you might be using already, while others either require the use of formulas or lesser-known tools that are a little tougher to find. Our tutorial below for removing the beginning characters in an Excel … Read more

type the subtraction formula into the cell

How to Subtract in Excel 2013 with a Formula (An Easy 4 Step Guide)

There is a pretty steep learning curve when you start to see all of the different things that you can do in Microsoft Excel. It’s an incredibly powerful application with a nearly infinite number of potential uses. But one of the more useful things that you can do is learn how to subtract in Excel. … Read more