How to Fill Column With Same Value in Excel 2010

It’s possible that you have already noticed how often the mouse cursor can change as you hover over various parts of your spreadsheet.

These cursor changes typically indicate that there is some specific action or feature of Excel that is available if you click on the location. One such instance involves an autofill feature that you can use to fill an entire column, or a range of blank cells, with the same data.

You can make Excel fill a range of cells with the same value if you click and hold on the bottom-right corner of a cell, then drag in the direction to select and fill the desired cells.

It is very common when working with spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel to have one value that repeats among a high number of cells.

Whether it is a price that is common to a high number of products or simply putting the number “0” into a lot of cells that do not have a value, you may find yourself typing the same value repeatedly.

This can often be avoided, however, by taking advantage of one of several methods for quickly filling multiple cells with the same value.

So check out our guide below to learn about a few ways that you can type a value once, then have excel automatically fill a group of cells with that same value.

How to Fill a Selection of Cells with the Same Value in Excel 2010

  1. Open your Excel file.
  2. Hover over the bottom-right corner of the cell.
  3. Click and drag to fill cells.

Our guide continues below with additional information on filling a column with the same value in Excel 2010, including pictures of these steps.

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How to Insert the Same Value Into Multiple Cells in Excel 2010 (3 Methods)

This article will assume that you want to enter the same value into multiple cells, and that you want to do it as quickly as possible. The methods described below will have you enter that value into a cell one time, then you can use one of several options in order to put that same value into a group of other cells.

Method 1 (Fill a Row or Column with the Same Value)

  • Step 1: Open your Excel worksheet, then type the value into one of the cells.
enter the value
  • Step 2: Position your mouse cursor on the bottom-right corner of the cell so that the cursor becomes a + symbol, as in the image below.
position your mouse at the bottom-right corner
  • Step 3: Click and drag your mouse up or down to fill multiple cells in a column with that value, or click and drag right or left to fill multiple cells in a row with that value. Release your mouse button when the correct cells are selected.
drag to fill a column or row

Method 2 (Fill Any Group of Selected Cells with the Same Value – Keyboard Shortcut)

  • Step 1: Select the group of cells into which you wish to insert a value.
select the group of cells to fill
  • Step 2: Type a value into the first cell, but do not press Enter on your keyboard or exit that cell yet.
type the value
  • Step 3: Press Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard to fill the rest of the selection with that value.
press Ctrl + Enter

Method 3 (Copy and Paste)

  • Step 1: Type your value into a cell, then right-click the cell and select the Copy option. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl + C on your keyboard to copy the cell value.
right-click the cell, then click copy
  • Step 2: Select the group of cells into which you want to paste the copied value, then right-click inside the selection, then click the Paste button under Paste Options. Alternatively, you could press Ctrl + V on your keyboard to paste the cell value after selecting the group of cells.
select the group of cells, then click paste

Our tutorial continues below with additional discussion about using Excel’s autofill feature.

More Information on How to Fill All Cells with the Same Value in Excel

Our guide above provided you with three different methods for quickly filling a range of cells with the same value. Which option is the “best” is something that you will discover over time, as it’s largely going to depend on the way you use the application.

These specific steps are great when you have a single value that you want to apply to multiple cells, but you can use a slight variation to fill in some numerical patterns as well.

If you select a group of cells that establish a pattern, then you can click and hold on the bottom-right of the selected cell range, then drag down to have Excel fill in and continue that pattern.

Additionally, if the cell that you are trying to copy contains a formula, then Excel will fill your cells with that formula, but update cell references accordingly.

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