How to Enlarge a Cell Horizontally in Excel 2013

You will eventually need to know how to enlarge a cell horizontally in Excel when you enter data into a cell and find that all of the data is not visible. Excel 2013 has a default cell width, and it is possible to enter enough data into that cell so that it can’t all be seen.

Fortunately the width of a cell in Excel is not fixed in stone, and there are a few different ways that you can adjust it. Our guide below will show you three ways to increase the horizontal size of a cell in Excel 2013 so that you can make it possible for your spreadsheet readers to see all of your data.


How to Make a Cell Wider in Excel 2013

The steps below are going to show you three different ways to increase the column width in Excel 2013. Note that increasing the width of a column in Excel will horizontally enlarge every cell in that column. If you only want to increase the horizontal size of a single cell, then the best way to achieve that is by merging cells instead.

Method 1 – Enlarge a cell horizontally by changing the column width value

Step 1: Locate and click the column letter containing the cell you wish to enlarge horizontally. For this example, I am focusing on cell B2.

how to make a cell wider in excel



Step 2: Right-click the column letter, then click the Column Width option.

how to increase column width in excel



Step 3: Delete the existing column width value, enter a larger value, then click the OK button. The default column width is 8.43, so a column width of 16.86 would double the width of the column, 25.29 would triple the width, etc. Note, however, that you don’t only need to work in multiples. You could enter 20, or 40, or whatever else is appropriate for your needs.

how to enlarge a cell horizontally in excel 2013



Method 2 – Increase the horizontal size of a cell by manually dragging the column border

Step 1: Position your mouse cursor on the right border of the column letter so that the cursor becomes a horizontal line with an arrow protruding from either side.

increase horizontal width of a cell in excel



Step 2: Click on the border, then drag it to the right until the column is at the desired width, then release your mouse button.

how to manually increase cell width in excel 2013


Method 3 – Enlarge a column horizontally in Excel by using AutoFit

This final method is ideal if the contents of your cells expand beyond their current boundaries, and you would like to automatically resize the cells so that all of that content is visible.

Step 1: Position your mouse cursor on the right border of the column letter.

can I enlarge a cell horizontally in excel 2013



Step 2: Double-click on the column border to force the column to automatically expand to the largest width cell in that column.

how to use autofit to enlarge a cell horizontally in excel 2013



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