How to Unhide the Formula Bar in Excel 2010

There are many different elements that make up the layout of a Microsoft Excel 2010 worksheet, but some people prefer not to use all of them. In some instances these elements can be hidden from view if the person working on the file deems them to be distracting or unnecessary. These settings often remain associated with the Excel 2010 program, which means that someone else who was previously using Excel may have hidden something and never unhidden it, causing it to be hidden when you open the program.

While you can still create formulas by directly entering them into a cell, some people prefer using the formula bar instead. But others find it to be an unnecessary waste of screen space, or they might be confused by its’ functionality. In some cases, they elect to hide the formula bar rather than ignore it. If you find yourself working on an Excel file and you do not see the formula bar above your spreadsheet, then you can follow a few simple steps to unhide it.


Show the Formula Bar in Excel 2010

These steps will show you how to display the formula bar above your spreadsheet if it has been hidden. The display of the formula bar is a setting that will carry over between different spreadsheets, regardless of the setting that is applied to that specific file. For example, if you hide the formula bar on one spreadsheet, it will also be hidden on the next spreadsheet that you open.


Step 1: Open your spreadsheet in Excel 2010.


Step 2: Click the View tab at the top of the window.

click the view tab



Step 2: Check the box to the left of Formula Bar in the Show section of the navigational ribbon.

check the formula bar box



The formula bar should now be visible above your spreadsheet, as in the image below.

formula bar is displayed



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