Excel Print Guide – Changing Important Print Settings in Excel 2010

Last updated: April 17, 2019 Printing spreadsheets in Excel 2010 can be frustrating, especially if your spreadsheet is going to print on more than one page. Extra columns can run into their own page, column headings only print on the first page, and it can generally be difficult to visually associate a cell with a […]

Amazon Fire TV Review

There is a lot of competition in the set-top streaming device market, so a product needs to stand out in order to get noticed. The Amazon Fire TV attempts to do this through a combination of excellent hardware, voice search and gaming capabilities. It succeeds in these areas, but the biggest flaw with the Fire […]

Roku 3500R Streaming Stick Review

Figuring out the best way to watch streaming video content on your TV seems to get more and more difficult each year. There are tons of different options, most of them do very similar things, and they all are all affordable. So if you like the form factor of the Google Chromecast, but are looking […]

Google Chromecast Review

Google has released their Chromecast, which is one of the most affordable options available when it comes to streaming online video content to your TV. For people that have been looking for a simple way to watch Netflix, YouTube and Google Play content on their TV, this is a great solution. At the time of […]

Roku 3 Review

“It’s so much faster than the other Rokus” This was my first observation once I started using the Roku 3. I’ve had a Roku in each of the previous generations, but this one outclasses all of them. Now that I’ve had a chance to set it up and start using it, I can give a […]