Cheaper Alternatives to the Apple TV

The Apple TV is part of a class of electronic devices called set-top streaming boxes. These are devices that you can connect to your TV that allow you to stream digital videos from the Internet to your television. These have become increasingly popular as services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime have increased their … Read more

how to view iphone pictures on the roku

How to View iPhone Pictures on Your Roku

One of the best parts about using a Roku is the remote. It’s small, functional and easy to use. But there is also a Roku app that you can download to your iPhone 5 which allows you to control certain parts of your Roku with your phone. It also integrates into some of the media … Read more

Is a Roku Wireless?

There are many different models of Roku devices available, and they all serve the function of connecting to the Internet so that you can stream movies from services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and more. So if you intend to use your Roku to watch movies and TV shows from services like those, then … Read more

Does a Roku Work With Old TVs?

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Roku model so that you can stream video from the Internet to your television, then you already know how great of a device it is. We’ve written about why you should buy a Roku, as well as answered some common questions about it, but you might be wondering … Read more

What to Know Before You Buy a Roku

Video streaming is quickly becoming one of the most common ways to consume media, and Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime subscription levels all continue to rise. The ability to access a huge library of movies and TV shows is very convenient, and people are looking to new devices that allow them to watch this … Read more

what is a set-top streaming box

What is a Set-Top Streaming Box?

The Internet has changed the way that we consume media like music and movies. Less and less people are relying on physical CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays and are switching to digital media that is either stored on their computer hard drives, or is streamed over the Web. This has led to an increase in popularity … Read more

What is the Roku 3?

There are a lot of different electronic devices out there, and many of them do very different things. The Roku and the set-top streaming box category of products is one that was largely made up of early-adopters and technology enthusiasts a few years ago, but the exploding popularity of Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and … Read more