Different Roku Models – Quick Answers

So you’ve been shopping around looking for the right device to stream video to your TV, and you’ve decided to get a Roku. For most people this is a terrific choice, as the Roku provides access to hundreds of different content channels, and is the simplest method available for getting your streaming video content on a larger screen.

But there are several models of Rokus, and deciding which one of them is the right choice for your situation can be difficult. So we’ve compiled a list of common questions about the different Roku models to provide you with quick answers to your questions.

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Roku Model Answers

Here are individual links to each of the Roku models –

What is the least expensive Roku model?

The Roku LT is the least expensive model, followed closely by the Roku HD. They have very similar features, but many people will opt for the more expensive Roku HD because of the purple color of the Roku LT.

What Roku should I get if I don’t have a TV with an HDMI port?

There are four different Roku models with composite video connections (the one with the white, yellow and red plugs) – the Roku LT, the Roku HD, the Roku 2 XS and the Roku XD.

Which Roku model should I get if price isn’t important?

The Roku 3 is the most feature-rich and fastest-performing of all of the Roku models. It is also the newest, so people that intend to use their Roku heavily and for a long time would be best served by purchasing the Roku 3.

Which Roku should I buy if I want to watch videos from a USB drive or flash drive?

The Roku 3 and the Roku 2 XS are the only models with USB ports. You will also need to download the free Roku USB channel if you want to watch your USB content.

Which Roku should I buy if I want to play games, in addition to watching movies?

The Roku 3 is the only model that will allow you to play games with its’ motion-based controller.

Which Roku model is the fastest, or has the best performance?

The Roku 3 model is the fastest, has the best performance, and is the only model with dual-band Wi-Fi.

Which Roku should I buy if I don’t have a wireless network, and need to connect the device to the Internet with an ethernet cable?

If you need to connect your Roku to your network with a wired connection, then you will need to buy the Roku 3 or the Roku 2 XS, as they are the only models with ethernet ports.

Which Roku should I buy if I will be setting it up far from my wireless router?

The Roku 3 gets the best wireless reception and has the longest wireless range due to its’ dual-band Wi-Fi.

Which Roku should I buy if I want to watch 1080p content?

The Roku XD, Roku 2 XS and the Roku 3 can all stream 1080p content.

Other Factors to Consider When Buying a Roku

  • If you are connecting your Roku to an HDTV with an HDMI cable, then you will need to buy the HDMI cable separately. You can find one here at Amazon for much less than it will cost in a store.
  • There is no monthly or yearly fee to use a Roku, but you will need to continue paying your monthly or yearly fees for Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and any other service that is subscription-based.
  • If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac computer and you only plan to watch Netflix and Hulu, you might want to consider an Apple TV (Amazon) instead.

Here are links to each of the Roku models again –

Roku LT (Amazon)

Roku HD (Amazon)

Roku XD (Amazon)

Roku 3 (Amazon)

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