front of a wireless router

How Do I Find My WiFi Password?

A lot of homes and businesses will have wireless, or WiFi networks, that people can use to connect to the Internet. If you have one set up in your home and are just familiarizing yourself with it, then you may be asking “how do I find my WiFi password?” We write a lot of articles … Read more

How to Uninstall an App on Firestick

Installing apps on your smartphone is one of the best ways to increase the functionality of the device, while also adding utility or fun to your smartphone experience. Much like your smartphone, the Amazon Fire TV Stick has apps that you can install as well. These apps include things like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, and … Read more

how to delete a channel on the roku tv

How to Delete a Channel on a Roku TV

All of the channels on Roku are found in the Roku channel store, and are one of the best reasons to use a Roku device or a Roku TV. You have so many different options for adding new content to your Roku device that it is really easy to start adding more channels on Roku. … Read more

select the sign out option

How to Sign Out of Amazon Prime on Roku 3

The Amazon Prime subscription gives you free shipping, but it also provides a number of other features. One of these is a subscription to the Amazon Prime video streaming service. You can log in to this service on many different types of devices, including a Roku. But you might want to know how to sign … Read more