5 Things to Know Before You Buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a small piece of electronic wonder that you connect to an HDMI port on your TV. Set up the Fire TV Stick on your wireless network, then you can start streaming videos and music to your television. The entire setup process takes about ten minutes. But if you have […]

How to Remove the Movie and TV Store from the Roku 3 Home Screen

The Roku 3 has options for a Movie Store and a TV Store that allow you to purchase or rent videos from their M-G0 service. An update to the Roku 3 operating system added links to the Movie Store and the TV Store directly to the home screen. If you do not use either of […]

How to Update the Roku 1

Like many other electronic devices and computers, the Roku 1 will periodically need to update itself in order to fix problems or add new features. These updates can be manually installed by accessing a menu on the device that will check for and install any updates that are currently available. The steps in this article […]

What Cables Do I Need for a Roku 3?

If you have recently bought, or are considering buying a Roku 3, then you are probably trying to figure out what other expenses you will need to incur to get the device to work. There are several pre-existing conditions that you must meet in order to start using your Roku 3 to stream video content […]

Amazon Fire TV Stick vs. Google Chromecast

Set-top streaming boxes have grown exponentially in popularity as services like Netflix and Hulu Plus have gained more traction. Initially this was a market dominated by devices like the Apple TV and the Roku, but a new wave of video streaming sticks have begun to crop up and entice consumers with their low prices and […]

How to Sign Out of an Amazon Account on the Roku 3

It’s not uncommon for multiple people in the same household to each have their own Amazon account and, if you purchase a lot of digital media with your Amazon account, then your movies, TV shows and music might be split across more than one account. This can be an issue if you have a Roku […]

Roku 3 Vs. Amazon Fire TV

Internet streaming video devices like the Roku, Apple TV and the Amazon Fire TV are increasing in popularity as more and more people subscribe to services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. The ability to stream movies and TV shows from ever-growing libraries offers an easy and affordable way to keep yourself entertained. All that you […]

What File Format is My USB Flash Drive?

Hard drives and storage devices typically have a format that dictates how files are stored on them. In many cases this might not matter for your needs, but occasionally the format of a device like a USB flash drive cna matter. But before you go out and buy a new device, it’s helpful to check […]

How to Adjust Video Frame Rate for Video on the Nikon D3200

The Nikon D3200┬áhas an impressive menu of settings that you can adjust to help you get the best possible pictures. But it can also be used to record video, and settings for that mode can be configured as well. Different video recording needs will require different frame rates, which is one of the video recording […]

How to Use a Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard with the Apple TV

Do you find it difficult to search for movies or songs on your Apple TV? Or does the prospect of using the Apple TV to enter a username and password frustrate you? You can make both of these tasks much simpler by using a Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV. There are a number of […]