roku 3 vs apple tv

Roku 3 vs. Apple TV

With so many people choosing to forego traditional cable and move to streaming, it’s increasingly common to need a device that can make this possible. There are many devices that can perform this task, with a lot of TVs even having built-in streaming apps. Our Roku 3 vs. Apple TV article below will discuss the … Read more

roku lt vs apple tv

Roku LT vs. Apple TV

The Apple TV is an excellent device to have in your home if you already have iPhones or iPads, and you want to take advantage of features like AirPlay. But the Apple TV can be a little more expensive than what you want to spend on a streaming device, which is exactly the niche that … Read more

how to turn off the screen saver on Apple TV

How to Disable the Apple TV Screensaver

Many set top streaming devices have some kind of screensaver to help prevent an image from burning into the screen if it’s left on for too long. But you may wan to know how to disable the Apple TV screensaver if you don’t like it. Your Apple TV has a lot of different settings to … Read more

5 things to know before you buy an apple tv

5 Things to Know Before You Buy an Apple TV

The Apple TV is a set-top box that you connect to your TV to stream video from iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and more. The device connects to your home network to obtain an Internet connection, and has some interesting functionality that lets it connect to and communicate with other Apple devices in your house. The Apple TV … Read more

popular video streaming services

Is Cutting the Cable Cord the Right Decision for You?

Cable TV is expensive, and people that are looking to reduce their budget often see it as a large expense that they wish they could eliminate. But many of us rely on TV for news and entertainment, and it has been a big part of our lives for a very long time. So determining if cutting … Read more