Roku LT vs. Roku 1

People are drawn to video-streaming services like Netflix and Hulu Plus because they offer huge libraries of content for a low monthly fee. So when you are looking for a way to take advantage of your video-streaming subscriptions by watching them on your TV, then you are probably looking for an affordable way to do […]

5 Awesome Electronics Gifts Under 50 Dollars

If you’re shopping for a present for a friend of family member and you’re on a budget, then $50 is a pretty generous price to target when you are purchasing your gift. But, depending upon the types of gifts you are investigating, that money may not go as far as you would like it to. […]

3 Reasons to Get a Google Chromecast Instead of a Roku LT

The number of competitors in the set-top streaming box market seems to be growing every few months, but things just changed dramatically with the release of the Google Chromecast. This small, affordable device gives you the opportunity to watch Netflix, YouTube and Google Play on your TV by using your phone, tablet or computer as […]

Roku LT vs. Roku 3

There are many TVs, Blu-Ray players, video game consoles and set-top streaming boxes that can stream video from popular services like Netflix and Hulu Plus. But not all of them offer access to the vast amount of content that you get with the Roku models, and most of the other options cost more money and […]

Roku LT vs. Roku XD

Roku set-top streaming boxes have gained a lot of attention recently with the release of the Roku 3, but the company also has several other cheaper models available for purchase. And while the Roku 3 is far and above the other options in terms of performance and features, the Roku XD and the Roku LT […]

Roku LT vs. Apple TV

If you have been trying to figure out the best way to watch the digital movies and TV shows to which you own or have a subscription, then you have likely encountered both the Roku LT and the Apple TV. Both devices give you numerous options for watching digital content, but there are some substantial […]

How Do I Know Which Roku to Buy?

If you’ve decided to purchase a set-top streaming box so that you can watch Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, or any of the other video streaming service out there, then you have surely come across the name “Roku.” They’ve been a leader in the industry since before video streaming was very popular, and each new […]

Roku LT vs. Roku HD

Set-top streaming boxes are the perfect solution for people that have video streaming subscriptions that they want to watch on their TV, but they want the method for doing so to be as simple as possible. Roku offers a number of different options at different price points, and the two boxes with the lowest prices […]