scan with canon pixma mx340 using the canon mp navigator program

How to Scan With Canon Pixma MX340

The Canon Pixma MX340 is a good choice if you want an affordable wireless printer that can also scan. But, depending on how you initially installed the printer, it’s possible that you don’t have the application you need if you want to scan something. Our tutorial below will show you how to download the Pixma … Read more

The Brother HL2270DW drum and toner

How to Replace the Toner on the Brother HL2270DW

Printers can be frustrating to work with, but they are an unfortunate part of life for anyone that needs printed copies of documents. The first time you need to replace a printer’s cartridge it can be a little intimidating since it’s probably different from other cartridges you have replaced in the past. Fortunately, the cartridge … Read more

how do i change my printer from offline to online in windows 7

How Do I Change My Printer from Offline to Online in Windows 7?

Printers can be difficult ot work with, and troubleshooting them can take you to a lot of different places on your computer. One common issue that can arise with a printer is when it says that it is offline, even though it’s turned on and seems to be hooked up correctly. Our tutorial below will … Read more

how to play same music on multiple echos at the same time

How to Play the Same Song on Multiple Echo Dots and Echos at the Same Time

Setting up a multi-room audio system in your home can be a daunting task. The increasing availability of wireless speakers has made it a little easier, but getting them all to sync up together can be a headache, and it can also be expensive. One way around this, however, involves the uses of Amazon Echos … Read more

How to Manually Reset a Toner Cartridge on a Brother HL-3075CW Printer

When you replace your Brother HL-3075CW toner cartridges with the Brother-branded cartridges, the printer will typically recognize the cartridge and automatically update itself to stop displaying messages indicating that the toner is low or out. But if you have used a third-party toner cartridge, such as these ones sold by Amazon, then you may run … Read more