How to Delete a Single Recent Document in Word 2010

If you have difficulty locating documents that you have saved in Microsoft Word 2010, then there is a location within the program that displays documents that you have recently opened. But if you share a computer with a colleague, classmate, or family member, then you might prefer that they are not able to access certain […]

Increase or Decrease the Number of Recent Documents in Word 2010

Microsoft Word 2010 will display documents that you have recently worked when you click the Recent option on the File tab. This is a default setting, and is one that many people use to find their documents. This makes it a simple task to re-open and resume work on a document that you were previously […]

How to View the Total Editing Time of a Document in Word 2010

Has there ever been a document that you spent so much time working on, that you were curious about the actual total? Or are you doing some work for a client, and need to know how much time was spent on a document so that it can be billed properly? Word 2010 has an interesting tool that […]

How to Save a Document as a Template in Word 2010

In work and school environments it is very common to create a lot of documents that all have the same formatting. But if this formatting is different than what is currently the default for the Word template that you are using, then modifying your document every time you create a new one can be tedious. […]

How to Make Vertical Text with a Text Box in Word 2010

There are a large number of tools and settings in Microsoft Word 2010 that allow you to modify the appearance of your document. However, there is not an option to display your text vertically. There are options to achieve this affect, but they will require you to use a text box. Text boxes in Microsoft […]

Can Word 2010 Save as a PDF?

The PDF file format is popular for the universality of how it appears on different computers, in different programs. PDF files can also be opened directly in many Web browsers, which makes them convenient for files that are being posted to websites. But if you have been editing and creating files in Microsoft Word 2010, […]

How to Hide Track Changes in Word 2010

We have previously written about how helpful change tracking can be in Microsoft Word 2010 when you are collaborating with others on a document as a team. But occasionally the document will need to be shown to someone outside of the team, and the change markup can be ugly, distracting, and confusing. So you might […]

How to Make Times New Roman Default on Word 2010

Last updated: January 9, 2017 A good font is often a matter of personal preference, and what is preferable to one person may not be preferable to another. Questions and issues with fonts are common among Microsoft Word 2010 users, as document formatting for specific institutions can vary. It is not always easy to remember to […]

How to Double-Space An Existing Document in Word 2010

Your school or place of employment may have specific formatting that it wants you to use when you create a document. One of the settings that is specified in these requirements often involves the amount of line spacing that you use. It is common for students to increase line spacing to artificially increase the length […]

How to Turn Off Track Changes in Word 2010

Working with the change tracking feature in Microsoft Word 2010 is helpful for groups of people that are all contributing to a single document. It can be difficult to notice when a change has been made to the content in a document but, with Track Changes turned on, all of the modifications will be displayed […]