How to Show the Margin Ruler in Word 2010

Many document formatting requirements dictate that margins need to be a specific size. One effective way to achieve this is with the use of the ruler that is typically found in Microsoft Word programs (another way is to set your margins using the steps in this tutorial.) But if you find that the ruler is not visible, then you might be wondering where it has gone.

Fortunately the ruler is still part of Microsoft Word 2010, although you may need to adjust a setting in the program to make it visible. Fortunately adjusting the ruler visiblity setting requires just a few short steps, which we will walk you through in the guide below.

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How to Get the Margin Ruler in Word 2010

The steps in this guide were performed in Microsoft Word 2010. However, this setting is located in the same place in Word 2007 and Word 2013 as well.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word 2010.

Step 2: Click the View tab at the top of the window.

click the view tab

Step 3: Check the box to the left of Ruler in the Show section of the navigational ribbon at the top of the window.

check the box to the left of ruler

The ruler visibility setting should then remain the same once you close Microsoft Word. So if you have elected to display the ruler, then it should continue to be displayed until you adjust the setting again in the future.

If you are not able to display the ruler because you do not have a View tab, then you are using the Microsoft Office 2010 Starter version. To display the ruler in the Starter version of Word 2010, click the View Ruler button at the right side of the window, above the vertical scroll bar.

click the view ruler button

Now that you know how to show the margin ruler in Word 2010 you can toggle this setting on or off as needed.

Is the unit of measurement being used in Microsoft Word 2010 not the one that you would prefer? Learn how to change this setting if, for example, you would prefer to use centimeters instead of inches when setting your margin sizes.

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