How to Set Default Margins in Word 2010

Changing default settings in programs that you use a lot can be a great way to save time and avoid mistakes.

It is particularly helpful when the defaults for your activities at work differ from the defaults defined by the manufacturer of the program.

We have previously written about changing the default page orientation in Word 2010, but you can also change the default margins.

So if the documents that you write for work or school require margin settings that are different than the ones chosen by Microsoft, you can change them following the steps outlined below.

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How to Change the Default Margins in Word 2010

Once you have applied your default margins following the steps below, they will be applied for any new documents that you create in Word. If you find that the default margins need to be changed again, you can simply follow these steps again to do so.

Step 1: Launch Microsoft Word 2010.

Step 2: Click the Page Layout tab at the top of the window.

click the page layout tab

Step 2: Click the Margins button.

how to set default page margins in word 2010

Step 3: Click the Custom Margins option at the bottom of the menu.

select the custom margins option

Step 4: Enter your desired default margin values into the fields at the top of the window, then click the Set as Default button at the bottom of the window.

set the margins, then click set as default

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