turn on speak screen on ipad

How to Enable Speak Screen on an iPad in iOS 9

Your iPad has some interesting functions that can change the way you use the device. One of these functions is the ability to speak the contents on your screen. This is enabled through a “Speak Screen” setting that is found on the “Accessibility” menu. This can be helpful if you are viewing¬†a Web page and … Read more

how to redownload a purchased movie on an ipad

How to Re-download Purchased Movies on an iPad

One of the most convenient things about using the same Apple ID on multiple iOS devices is the ability to share your purchased content between those devices.¬†This means that items which have been purchased in the iTunes Store can be downloaded to devices that are using that Apple ID. You have access to your purchased … Read more

how to watch amazon videos on the ipad

How to Watch Amazon Videos on Your iPad

There is a way to watch or listen to media on your iPad from almost every popular provider or subscription-based service. So if, for example, you have a Netflix or Hulu Plus subscription, you can download the respective app and watch those videos on your iPad. This is also true for videos that you have … Read more

how to delete a website link icon on the iPad

How to Delete Web Page Links on the iPad

We have previously written about how to create a link on your iPad home screen for a Web page, which is a really easy way to navigate to your favorite sites. But if it’s something that you start doing a lot, it can quickly get to a point where your home screens are covered with … Read more

how to turn off calendar alerts on the ipad 2

How to Turn Off Calendar Notifications on iPad

The calendar is a great tool for keeping up to date with things at work and in your personal life. But as you start to use the calendar more and more, it might seem like the alerts from the calendar are becoming excessive. Fortunately you can follow the steps in our guide and learn how … Read more

how to remove sent from my ipad from ipad emails

How to Get Rid of “Sent from my iPad” on Emails

Mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad are so fast and capable that they can easily replace many of the tasks that were previously relegated to a laptop or desktop computer. This includes reading and writing emails. But you might have noticed that any email you write from your iPad includes a signature that … Read more

how to sign out of netflix on the ipad

How to Sign Out of Netflix on the iPad

It might initially seem like it doesn’t matter which Netflix account you use to sign into the service on your iPad, but minor inconveniences can creep up if you are using someone else’s account. Their queue of instant videos may not include something for which you are looking, the recommendations might be tailored towards someone … Read more