how to prevent itunes downloads over cellular network on iphone 5

How to Prevent iTunes from Downloading on a Cellular Connection with the iPhone 5

Managing the data usage on your iPhone is important if you don’t have unlimited data. There are a lot of services and apps on the device that can use a lot of data very quickly, including iTunes. Our tutorial below will show you how to prevent iTunes from downloading on a cellular connection with the … Read more

how to check for iTunes updates in windows

How to Check for iTunes Updates on a Windows PC

The iTunes application for Windows laptop and desktop computers is a good way to manage your music and media libraries. But you may be missing certain features or functions if you aren’t using the most recent version. Luckily you can enable an option that will check for updates automatically so that you can download them … Read more

how to convert an m4a to an mp3 in itunes on windows pc

How to Convert an M4A to an MP3 in iTunes

If you’ve ever created an audio file in one format and needed to use it in another, then you may have encountered some third-party programs that were difficult to use. Fortunately iTunes has the capabilities to convert your .m4a file to an .mp3 file, and it’s a fairly simple process to use. I have found … Read more