How to Enable iTunes Sharing in Windows 10

Do you have a lot of other devices on your home network that you would like to use to play your iTunes library? While copying everything over to that device can be an option, it can be tedious, requires that device to have available storage, and you will have difficulty keeping all of the files … Read more

how to check for iTunes updates in windows

How to Check for iTunes Updates on a Windows PC

The iTunes program that you use to manage your music and video collection gets updated a lot. Update checks typically occur automatically, and you will often receive prompts from the iTunes updater to install the latest version of the software. But if you are not getting these notifications and want to manually check for updates … Read more

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How to Convert an M4A to an MP3 in iTunes

If you’ve ever created an audio file in one format and needed to use it in another, then you may have encountered some third-party programs that were difficult to use. Fortunately iTunes has the capabilities to convert your .m4a file to an .mp3 file, and it’s a fairly simple process to use. I have found … Read more

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How to Back Up Your iPhone 5 with iTunes

Phones are becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life for a lot of people, which means that there is as much of a need to back up your phone as there is to back up a computer. Fortunately Apple has made the backup process relatively simple, and it can be accomplished with just a … Read more