How to Stream a Video in iTunes 11 on a Mac

Purchasing content in iTunes is a simple way to be able to access it across all of your devices. Whether it is an Apple TV, iPhone or iPad, as long as it is set up with your Apple ID, you can access your content. But sometimes you just want to watch a TV show or […]

How to Authorize a Computer in iTunes on a Mac

All of the apps, music, movies and TV shows that you buy through iTunes are affiliated with your Apple ID. You can then link the iTunes installation on your computer with your Apple ID, which allows you to download iTunes content to that computer. In order to do this, however, you need to authorize your […]

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi Sync in iTunes 11 on a Mac

The wireless sync option for certain iOS devices, such as the iPhone 5 and the iPad, makes it much more convenient to transfer and sync content from iTunes 11 on your Mac to those devices. But if you prefer to sync your device with a cable, you are unable to do a wireless sync, or […]

Turn On Home Sharing in iTunes 11 on Your Mac

We recently wrote an article that pointed out some of the best features of the Apple TV, and among those features was Home Sharing. This is a feature in iTunes that allows you to share your iTunes library with computers that are linked together by your Apple ID. Home Sharing is one of the easiest […]

How Do I Get to the iTunes Media Folder

The iTunes media folder is the folder location on your Windows PC where your iTunes media files are stored. If you open this folder, you will find a number of different folders that each contain the files that you have in your iTunes library. But you might be having trouble finding this folder location, which […]

How to Stop iTunes From Asking You to Set it as the Default Player

iTunes is a great media player in its’ own right, and one that I have used on computers that I never had any intention of connecting to an iOS device. While much of iTunes’ value does lie in its’ ability to connect with your iPhones, iPads and iPods, it is more than just a glorified […]

Copy Video from Disc to iTunes

As people are focused more and more on moving to a completely digital lifestyle, it’s becoming apparent that physical media options, like CDs and DVDs, are becoming obsolete. However, many of the video files and movies that we have created or watched in the past are likely to be on discs like this, so you […]

Turn off iTunes Updates

Apple’s iTunes program is one of the best free multimedia programs that you can download and install to your computer. Because of its’ importance in managing the video, music and other content that is stored on your iOS devices, such as iPhones and iPods, Apple relies heavily upon its’ ability to interact with those devices. […]