How to Download Previous Music Purchases on the iPhone 5

Purchasing music, TV episodes and movies from iTunes has been around for a while and, if you have owned an Apple device at any time in that period, you may have purchased some iTunes media. This required the use of an Apple ID, to which your purchases are tied. Luckily this gives you the ability to re-download songs or albums that you have purchased in the past to your iPhone 5. The entire process is accomplished directly from the iTunes app on your phone, so you will not need to connect to a computer for this procedure. So continue reading below to download some past iTunes music purchases to your device.


Download Past Music Purchases from iTunes on Your iPhone 5


iTunes keeps a record of all of the purchases that you have made in the past with your iTunes account, and you are free to download those purchases to your iPhone 5. Depending upon the quantity of items that you have purchased in the past, however, you may not have enough space on your phone. If that is the case, then you can follow the steps in this article to free up space on your iPhone. So once you have enough space on your iPhone to accommodate these downloads, follow the steps below to re-download music that you have purchased in the past to the Music app on your iPhone 5.


Step 1: Tap the iTunes icon.

open itunes on the iphone 5



Step 2: Select the More option at the bottom of the screen.




Step 3: Select the Purchased option at the top of the screen.

select the purchased option



Step 4: Tap the Music option.

select the Music option



Step 5: Select one of the options on this screen to view the content that you own by artist. You can also use the All or Not on this iPhone option at the top of the screen to toggle your music by those parameters as well.

tap the name of the artist to download



Step 6: Tap the cloud icon to the right of the album to download the entire album, or tap the name of the album to be able to selectively choose individual songs to download.

touch the cloud icon


You can download your iTunes purchases to any iOS device that you own, such as the iPad, iPad Mini or Apple TV. The only restriction is that each of those devices need to be configured with the same Apple ID as the one that was used to purchase the iTunes content initially. This does not mean that you can simply switch Apple IDs back and forth, however. The content on the device is tied to the Apple ID that is currently signed in. So you could not, for example, sign in with an Apple ID, download content, then sign out of the old Apple ID and sign back in with a second ID to access the content owned by the first Apple ID.

You can use a similar method to re-download a TV episode that you have purchased, as well. Note that TV episodes take up a lot of space on your device, though, so it is best to use that option sparingly. newsletter

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