How to Remove Music From an iPad: A Step-by-Step Guide

Removing music from your iPad is a straightforward process. To do so, navigate to the Settings app, select “General,” then “iPad Storage.” From there, you’ll see a list of your apps, including “Music.” Click on “Music,” and you’ll have the option to edit and remove songs, albums, or all music from your device.

Once you’ve completed the action, the selected music will be deleted from your iPad, freeing up space for other content. Keep in mind that if you’re using Apple Music, the songs will still be available for streaming unless you’ve also removed them from your library.


Music can be a wonderful companion for your daily activities, but sometimes you might find yourself wanting to declutter your iPad or make space for new content. Maybe you’re no longer interested in certain songs, or perhaps you’re ready to freshen up your music library. Whatever the reason, knowing how to remove music from your iPad is a handy skill. It’s especially relevant for those who frequently update their playlists or need to manage storage space efficiently. In this article, we will guide you through the process of deleting music from your iPad. We’ll cover the steps involved, as well as the pros and cons of removing music from your device.

Step by Step Tutorial on How to Remove Music From an iPad

The following steps will guide you through the process of removing music from your iPad.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your iPad

Navigate to the Settings app on your home screen and tap to open it.

Opening the Settings app is the gateway to managing the content on your iPad. It’s where you can access options for all your apps, as well as general device settings.

Step 2: Tap on “General”

Find “General” in the Settings menu and select it.

The “General” section is where you can tweak various aspects of your iPad’s system settings. It’s also where you can view and manage your device’s storage.

Step 3: Select “iPad Storage”

In the General settings, find “iPad Storage” and tap on it.

The iPad Storage section provides an overview of the space used by each app on your device. This is where you can see how much space your music is taking up.

Step 4: Choose “Music” from the list of apps

Scroll through the list of apps until you find “Music,” then select it.

The Music app section will show you all the music files stored on your iPad, organized by artist, album, and song.

Step 5: Edit and remove songs, albums, or all music

Tap “Edit,” then use the minus buttons to delete songs or albums, or choose “Delete All” to remove all music.

When you tap “Edit,” you’ll enter a mode where you can select which individual songs or albums you wish to delete. Use this if you only want to remove specific items.


Frees up storage spaceRemoving music from your iPad can free up a significant amount of storage space, especially if you have a large library. This means you can use that space for other apps, documents, or media.
Declutters your music libraryOver time, your music library can become cluttered with songs you no longer listen to. Removing these tracks can help you keep a more organized library.
Could improve device performanceToo much data on your iPad can potentially slow it down. Removing unneeded music can help keep your device running smoothly.


Permanent deletionOnce you delete music from your iPad, it’s gone for good unless you have it backed up elsewhere. This means you’ll need to redownload or repurchase songs if you change your mind.
Time-consuming for large librariesIf you have a lot of music on your iPad, it can be a time-consuming process to go through and select which songs or albums to delete.
Potential loss of downloaded contentIf you’ve downloaded music for offline listening, removing it means you’ll need to use data to stream it again in the future.

Additional Information

When removing music from your iPad, you should consider whether you have a backup of your music library. If you’ve purchased music from iTunes, you can always redownload it without incurring additional costs. However, music acquired from other sources might require you to have a separate backup.

Another aspect to consider is whether you’re using Apple Music or another streaming service. If you’re subscribed to Apple Music, any music you’ve added to your library from the streaming service won’t be permanently deleted. Instead, it will just be removed from your device, and you can still stream it or redownload it later.

If you have a large music library, it might be helpful to use the “Sort” feature in the Music app to organize your music by artist, album, or song. This can make the process of finding and removing specific tracks much more manageable.

Lastly, remember that removing music from your iPad won’t remove it from other devices synced with your Apple ID, such as your iPhone or MacBook, unless you’ve enabled the “Sync Library” feature.


  1. Open Settings app
  2. Tap “General”
  3. Select “iPad Storage”
  4. Choose “Music”
  5. Edit and remove as desired

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose my music forever if I remove it from my iPad?

No, if you’ve purchased music from iTunes, you can redownload it. Otherwise, ensure you have a backup before deleting.

Can I remove just a few songs instead of all my music?

Yes, you can select individual songs or albums to delete.

What if I have Apple Music?

If you’re using Apple Music, the songs will still be available for streaming and redownload unless also removed from your library.

Does removing music improve iPad performance?

It can, as less clutter can help your device run more smoothly.

Will removing music from my iPad also remove it from my other devices?

Not unless you have “Sync Library” enabled. Otherwise, it only removes music from the iPad.


Removing music from your iPad can be a liberating experience. It can help you declutter, free up valuable storage space, and possibly even improve your device’s performance. Just be sure to have a backup of your music if it’s not purchased from iTunes, and remember that if you’re using streaming services like Apple Music, you’ll always have access to your tunes. So go ahead, take control of your music library and customize it to suit your current preferences and needs. Happy listening, or rather, happy organizing!

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